Meier Audio no more tubes?
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Oct 31, 2005
Was looking on the website and noticed that Meier doesn't seem to make the Eartube anymore. Anyone know why Meier doesn't have tube amps in the line up anymore? I reckon a mid range tube amp in the Aria/Cantate price/class would be very popular, especially amongst European head-fiers that cop tax on US amps.

Dr Meier, are you out there... we want tubes!!
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I have the same feelings, I'm also plannig to get a tube amp just to get an impression about what everybody calls "a tubey sound" ... I haven't heared tubes so far but I'm really curious. The Eartube was quite expensive and in the 400 -500 Euro range there are mainly Darkvoice and LD.
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TTVJ may still have some in stock.

But he's in the US so it would mean a huge tax slug at my end. Also, what the eartube is a bit out of my price range. I would like to see a tube equivalent to the Aria.
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Although I have never heard one, nearly all written impressions I've read about the Meier Corda Eartube state that it has a neutral, decidely non-tubey sound.

This is a marked difference from the RKV from Audiovalve who designed & made the Eartube for Jan.

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