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MeElectronics Airfi Matrix2 AF62 - Bigger Earpads Mod

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  1. Gracesheng
    Thanks HS,  You made a good choice, after all, it's a great headphone 
  2. HemiSam
    I am glad your company will continue offering the product given that MeElectronics, if I understood your post/PM correctly, will quit offering them.  I picked up the two MeElectronics pair I own for around $70-80 per pair and they are impressive to say the least.  Good sound for a bluetooth and the battery life is almost unbelievable...amazing.  Comfortable and light, I like the confirmation of commands like "Power Off and Power On" that you receive, and they came with a very nice case and accessories.  Very good value for money IMO.
  3. Gracesheng
    yes, it's very nice price and great in quality, and we have sent the sample the experts for retune, to improve the bass and the treble. 
    From the review by now, it values it's price. absolutely, high performance ration.
    Also we are inviting more users to review it. 
  4. loopism

    Will you be offering replacement earpads?
  5. Gracesheng
    yes,  some users get free for another one. 
  6. mkarikom
    Phenomenal idea.
  7. Doda

    I have a the ausdom m05 headphones and I want to change the earpads.
    My specs are:
    speaker diametre: 40mm
    Outer diametre: 95mm x 75mm
    Inner diametre: 55mm x 35mm

    Do you have the same specs? Do you have any problem to change the pads to Brainwavz earpads ?

    Brainwavz earpads: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00MFDT894?keywords=brainwavz%20hm5&qid=1443362645&ref_=sr_1_3&sr=8-3

    You use those earpads, right?

    Thanks for the info.
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