MeElectronics Airfi Matrix2 AF62 - Bigger Earpads Mod
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Received Brainwavz pads today. They instantly make the Airfi Matrix2 AF62 more comfortable and I can shrink how much I have the headband extended to almost fully home.

Will upload photos later.


• So much more comfortable as they fully fit around ears and the memory foam is very soft.

• The pads fit perfectly and are well made.


• It does reduce the bass a little, maybe because the velour isnt creating a good seal like pleather would?

• External noise is more apparent, again maybe because they are velour. Also the guy who sits next to me said he could hear my music slightly.

Because I work in a noisey office I really would like some noise isolation while wearing headphones and I have I be considerate to those around me so will be returning my Airfi Matrix2 AF62 and Im selling the Sony MDR10RBT's. Back to the drawing board.

The pads are up for offer for what I paid, dont think I can sell here. I will read rules and come back about that.
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Hey guys, I recently purchased this headphone (I don't have it yet since a friend is keeping it until he comes back to where I live). I'm wondering if the razer kraken earpads will work with these. I saw that it is from the outside 90mm in diameter (and it is perfectly circular). While I don't know the measurement of the Matrix2 AF62, I'm assuming it will be 90mm by 70mm. I'm kinda worried because I don't really like how the Brainwavz earpads look on the Matrix AF62, and I wouldn't want for the razor kraken to be like this either.
Funny thing was I was considering the Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear earpads, and while it provides the exact size I'm looking for, it just looks too small on the images. I might take the chance with the Sennheisers earpads but I feel the razor kraken looks more promising and resembles more the Brainwavz (They should really make smaller versions of their earpads since so many person use it to replace their headphones' stock earpads).

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Just my 2 cents. You can purchase bigger pads directly from Meelectronics:

Comparison 1:
Comparison 2:



What I initial noticed compared to stock:
  1. Comfy
  2. Little more leakage 
  3. Better grab on my ears 
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I purchased the new earpads Meelectronics has for the Matrix and the Venture headphones. I'm going to get them the end of this month hopefully. I already recieved the Matrix headphones and it is nice!
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Just got my new Brainwavz earpads in the generic fake leather material from Amazon here:
First impressions: these are big - way bigger than the supplied pads - the photos almost don't quite get the size difference across. That said, they are incredibly roomy, and soooo comfortable! Plenty of space for even my big lugs!
The material is pretty soft, about the same as the supplied pads, and on my initial impressions feel a little cooler, but that may be down to the smaller ones pressing on my earlobe and getting warmer quicker.
Now, to the sound. I'll be honest, but I'm finding it hard to notice too much difference, The bass is still strong, though I think it might be slightly less dominant, and the mids and treble are pretty much the same as before. The main thing I am noticing though (and I hope this isn't my imagination) is that the stage feels larger and a little more open. I'm putting this down to the pads being deeper and placing the actual speakers a little further away from my ears.
Anyway, the end result is still the same. These things rock!
I'm going to do some A/B work with my Parrot Ziks, but because of their weight penalty and on ear design, I doubt any musical/sound difference will stop me from selling them now, as the Matrix2 are by far the most comfy BT headphones I've ever worn.
If you're still on the fence about going for the larger pads but do prefer headphones that are over rather than on the ear, I can promise you you'll be very happy.
One last thing I'd be interested to hear from others: Do the velour pads get hotter over time or stay cooler than the leather-like ones?
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Pretty Flat from upper bass to lower treble. Comfortable. Good looking. 
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  Pretty Flat from upper bass to lower treble. Comfortable. Good looking. with a reasonable Price less than $60
from the original engineers and producers:
where to get :

These look like a knock-off of the MeElectronics Airfi's.  Why are you spamming here?
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With all due respect, you posted in a thread about another company's product...regardless of whether Ausdom is the supplier.  I'm assuming you have an agreement with MeE to do this kind of stuff?  
I looked at the links you posted about your product.  Where am I to find these facts?  I admit I didn't read all of the first thread posted since it is long (offering a trial), but if you're doing what you suggest in post 29 here shouldn't Ausdom come right out and let us know?
If it makes you feel any better, I own two of the MeElectronics AirFi' for myself and one for my son.

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