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  1. overhaze
    The Fall Creators Update has killed my sound card and its nice Line-in for now but I still couldn't resist doing an RMAA comparison of the Arc and a O2+Odac combo unit. Keep in mind I'm having to use the 16bit Line-in on my Motherboard so the actual numbers should be much higher than this. Still both where tested with the same Line-in at the same volume with the same settings so it should at least give an idea of how they compare.

    Here is the Odac


    And here is the Arc


    Pretty close all in all but the Odac+O2 still takes it. Worth pointing out though to get that performance out of the odac I had to use a galvanic isolator. The arc on the other hand was pretty consistent no matter what it was plugged into. Still I got the best results from it when using optical or with USB plugged into a hub.
  2. overhaze
    My Arc was faulty. After having it repaired it nows tests identically to the odac+O2 combo, meaning both are beyond my onboard line-ins ability to measure. Sounds great too!
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