Massdrop: CEE TEE joins as Custom Product Manager

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  1. WillBright
    Hey Everyone,
    In 2012 I finished my first year of university and came to San Francisco for a job in computer security (software pen testing, reverse engineering). Before leaving, I joked with my friends: “See you later fools, I’m going to find a sweet startup gig, quit school, and be Scrooge McDucking in IPO money by the time you graduate”. All of us had a good laugh, I got on the plane to San Francisco...and today I’m writing this from our 12,000 sq. ft office at First & Market in San Francisco surrounded by 80+ Massdrop employees.  
    While Massdrop has yet to IPO, and I have yet to Scrooge McDuck anything (despite many of your suggestions in the TH-X00 and K7XX threads) much of that joke has come true.
    In three years we’ve gone from zero to tens of millions in annual sales across 13 categories and we’ve been able to grow this quickly because of our willingness to dare greatly when daring is required. “It can’t be that hard” is the longest running catchphrase at Massdrop.
    Custom Products are our latest innovation. Taking feedback from key community members and leveraging our buying power to create new products based on that feedback. Demand for these Custom Products outstrips that of the closest comparable by an order of magnitude.
    With the launch of the TH-X00 came validation that our Custom Product development process was repeatable. Since then, I’ve been working to help our team create Custom Products in other categories, while managing our ongoing Custom Audio efforts. Ultimately, splitting my time is ultimately a disservice to the Massdrop community, so in December of 2015 I started searching for a successor.
    Here’s an incomplete list of some criteria for the position:
    Fundamental understanding of the Audiophile community
    Complete understanding of the Audiophile industry
    Ability to maintain composure, regardless of circumstances
    Years of experience working with consumer brands
    Years of experience working with contract manufacturers
    As you can imagine, finding someone  who could check those boxes was incredibly difficult.
    I’m excited to announce that Christian, or CEE TEE as most of you know him, has joined our team and will be leading the charge for Custom Products in the Audiophile community!
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  2. CEE TEE Contributor
    Hello Head-Fi!
    In 2009, I travelled to Japan and spent a lot of time listening to my iPhone. Decided that when I got back home I needed to go beyond the iBuds to get some better headphones.
    Got online and started searching. That’s when I found Head-Fi. There were recommendations to “apologize to my wallet” and get some Grado SR-60. As I read more, the custom version of the Grado SR-125 was recommended: the Alessandro MS-1i.  Still being talked about today.
    Here’s my first post/thread on Head-Fi, 4/10/2010:
    After HOURS of reading through Head-Fi, I bought Alessandro MS-1i and I LOVE them. In fact, they have blown me away so much for the money that I sound like a Scientologist when I talk about them. (I paid for them on a Sunday and they came that Wednesday, BTW. Thanks Alessandro for not making me wait a long time.)

    The day they arrived, I refused to take them off for hours. “Had to re-listen to my music all over again/heard things that I had not heard before/was closer to my music/etc.”  I was hooked. What else had I been missing? Back to Head-Fi for some more reading…

    I learned that the California Bay Area used to have great audio meets (circa 2004-2007). People would share their gear, letting each other listen to everything. Stuff I could only read about or see in pictures. I wanted to go too but nobody was organizing them anymore.
    After asking about them and waiting around, a veteran Head-Fi member dared me to set a date, pick a place, & throw a meet myself.  So in 2011, I threw my first meet and it was an amazing experience. I had lots of help. People showed up, pitched in, and had a great time. I didn’t listen to much gear during that meet, but I met great people who have remained some of my best friends to this day.

    To inspire you to host a member meet in your area, here’s the 2011 Impressions thread:

    Fast forward 5 years and I just got my dream job. Feels like my 9 years in the medical device industry working on skills
    helping to develop and launch products globally for Johnson & Johnson while having fun in this hobby and community were in preparation for this opportunity.
    In my first thread on Head-Fi, you’ll see me rave about my first great “$100 headphone” and receive a recommendation to try the HiFiMAN RE-0 in-ear monitor.
    In my first post as Massdrop’s Audiophile Product Manager, I’m excited to announce that we will soon release new collaborations aimed at making Audiophile sound as accessible as possible.
    Let’s bring some more people on this crazy journey with us.
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  3. shotgunshane Contributor
    Congrats Cee Tee! It's awesome to be able to work at something you love to do and have a passion for doing!
  4. boblauer
    Congrats CEE TEE on the new job and being able to leverage your passion into your employment. That's a big win.
    Also big shout out to Massdrop for having the foresight to pull "one of their own" into the mix and build this brand and business skyward. Solid decisions by both of you.  
  5. M3NTAL
    Congratulations CEE TEE!  I look forward to some awesome new products from MD.  Maybe something that relates to your first HF post? *hint hint MD x Grado*
  6. Buddhahacker
    Congrats  CEE TEE and good luck on your new job.  I can't wait to see what you guys cook up.   My wallet isn't so happy. 
  7. CEE TEE Contributor
    Thanks for the nice welcome to Massdrop!  Tough starting out here as I just want to listen to everything in the office.  (I know, poor me. [​IMG] )
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  8. GrouchoMarx1933
    Congratulations CEE TEE! We're all looking forward to the $400 electrostats you're going to cook up! :wink:
  9. shipsupt
    Congratulations CEE TEE! Massdrop is lucky to have you.
  10. einyuk
    Gratz CEE TEE on joining Massdrop. Will be looking forward to the products you bring out. [​IMG]
  11. third_eye Moderator
    Fantastic news, congrats CEE TEE and Team Massdrop!
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  12. CEE TEE Contributor
    ^Thank you, Ethan!!  Will get to see more of you all again.  [​IMG]
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  13. moedawg140 Contributor
    Congratulations to you, CEE TEE! I'm sure you will take Massdrop custom products to the stratosphere!

    Hope to see you again at the upcoming Wikia meet in San Francisco!
  14. vwinter
    I think the community is in good hands! :smile:
  15. shane55
    Yup... this is pretty cool, CEE TEE.
    And good for Massdrop for making the absolute right move!

    Hope to see you soon.
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