Martin logan electrostatic speaker question
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Just to note, on all of the modern MLs the LF driver is also slightly angled in the cabinet.

Still too low though - not that it's absolutely a problem, but it's still more likely to get affected by room modes than if the same driver was both higher up and angled. The trade off with dynamic drivers of course is a less linear midrange and treble response in many cases, plus more complex crossover. Basically, everything has a compromise in design that even the end user will need to factor in when choosing.
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A higher chair wouldn't help much, the problem there is if the sub is too loud vs the electrostat panel.

I don't think this was necessarily the case. The bass was tight and well-defined, though it seemed to be easy to localize where it radiated in the room. In the Montis manual, it talks about tilting the speaker forward in case the listening position is low in order to obtain better clarity. Perhaps this would've helped. I know that this is also the case with my Vandersteen's - you need to adjust tilt-back if the listening position is higher than 35" in order to get your ears in position with the listening window. For all I know the Magnolia folks set it up per the manual and I just sat outside the 'sweet spot'. Still, I heard this on two separate occasions. If you read reviews, the question of bass driver / panel integration is practically the first issue that reviewers address, though they always find it to be spot-on and I have no reason to doubt their conclusions.
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They don't need much power, tubes vs. solid state is more a personal preference thing. Some can have higher than average current demands and low impedance, so a quality amplifier would still be a good idea. I have my 'stats on SS and have loved them for years.

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