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Luxury & Precision LP5 32bit DSD Portable Lossless Music Player with AKM AK4414; Wooden backplate; Silver / Gold version

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by johnyang, Apr 14, 2015.
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  1. JohnYang
    Some update for a sleeping thread. L&P have recently announce LP5 Limited 199.
    It is an upgraded device of LP5 but only limited to 199 units. The highlight of upgrade is redesigned digital circuit and upgraded AMP circuit. Some OP AMP and Headphone chips changes. Each component is tested and calibrated to the one hundred-thousandth degree so the sound would be at its best. 
    The LP5 LTD 199 would also have a higher power output, plus having much less hiss. L&P said that even sensitive IEMs would not be hearing hiss from this device. Lastly, the signal-to-noise ratio have increased from 114dB(LP5) to 118dB(LTD 199) as it almost reaches the potential maximum signal-to-noise ratio(120dB) for the AKM 4414 DAC chip. 
    Also the exterior of the L5P LTD 199 have changed as well. The front body have changed to gold/platinum plated cooper with matted finish at front, and shiny finish at top and bottom. The back body is using rosewood heartwood, similar wood to what L5P is using, but at a higher grade.
    Some more photos of the gold plated and platinum plated version. 
    The gold/platinum plated versions would be sold separately but both would sound the same. Gold version is selling for 14999 RMB (2182 USD) and platium version is selling for 15999 RMB (2328 USD). I am not sure if it would be selling oversea. I could ask them if anyone is interested. 
    I don't have review units would be sent for these babies, as it is limited to only 199 units.
    Mr. Wan claims this is the best sounding DAP he is able to product at the moment. There are a few selected early beta testers who are fortunate enough to listen to this device. I talked to one of them and he believed that it blows LP5 out of water, and it sounds better than other high-end DAPs on the market at the moment, including PAW gold, MR1, DX200 to name a few.
    Take the impression with a grain of salt for now. I would share my impression if I have a chance to checkout this device.
    LP5 owners in Hong Kong might have a chance to check them out at the Shanghai earphone expo in March 12th. 
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  2. fraza44
    I've been following the L&P players via this thread and I would love to pick up a used L3 Pro or L5 Pro to compare to my Teac HA-P90SD which also has a sometimes buggy and basic UI but with no new firmware being release that actually improve the L&P player based on recommendation from customers, it makes me hesitant to drop that kind of money on another player with a limited and problematic UI.
    They should really focus on improving the current players UI before dropping a $2000+ player.  What is going on with these companies and there over the top price wise players which follow on the heals of previous player release with buggy firmware or missing features.  Features that are always promised at a later date but never materialize.
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