Luxury and Precision - Crowdfunding Promotion on the L3 Digital Music Player, Available Soon!
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I saw those photos from Chinese website, it actually looks pretty nice. 

1. Wondering if LP3 will come with a case or option to buy a case. Kinda looks like it...
2. Nice balanced VE Zen 2.0!!!
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Quick update to some questions:
16 GB internal memory, micro SD card support up to 128 GB.
L3 has the same supported formats as the L5 pro, meaning:
  1. DAC chip: Sampling rates 32BIT 768KHZ, DAC supports up to DSD256
  2. USB: Sampling rates up to 24 Bit/192Khz
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Also, just to clarify since this question has been asked many times, L5 Pro and upcoming L3 have a very responsive touch screen, but operation is based on touch tapping, not touch swiping.  Nobody knowns if/when this feature is going to be implemented, but we all keep our fingers crossed!!!  But regardless of that, I still consider in this particular case touch swiping as a nice addition rather than a handicap since navigation is very intuitive when using touch and hardware buttons.

Yup just read Brooko's detailed review. I didn't know this until I read his review.
Then no playlist feature too.
I hope the L3 gonna have all the basic features right since the UI & features are no.1 for me in a DAP
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From what I have seen with L&P - they are pretty dedicated to improving the experience, and with the L5 Pro I've seen more updates come through, and quicker - which is a fantastic sign.  Just don't expect rapid development.
The players themselves are still fantastic - L5Pro and U6 + Jazz EQ preset is stunning.  I'm reasonably confident in ongoing improvements - as long as you are reasonably patient :)
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oh yurica's flower rail album on the player on OP's shot of the player.

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^^^ Actually, I was just foolishly guessing about balanced. On second glance, it looks like the Zen 2.0 were just modded to make the cable swappable. Looks like they're just connected back to the stock Zen 2.0 cable.

i remember the cardas cable black edition has a balance option and you get to choose your plug.

back to l3, wonder it has enough juice to drive the zen, if it is designed for iems after all.
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Since this is being made for iems, will the output impedance be published for both single ended and balanced?

That's what I've asked for, but not sure if it'll happen immediately with Lunar New Year traveling and holidays this weekend. 
Will have it to you guys as soon as I know more.

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