Low-Jitter USB: Dan Lavry, Michael Goodman, Adaptive, Asynchronous
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Aug 18, 2007

AGuys, it appears like the argument is becoming more personal than technical. We are starting to compare dictionary definitions when this forum is about people who are passionate about sound quality first an foremost. CEntrance now has a very successful adaptive USB implementation. CEntrance has an Asynchronous implementation as well. Both offer a great sound. In the near future our customers will be able to compare them. My own listening tests do not reveal a difference, but we will make it possible for you to make your own decision. I'm a little frustrated that this discussion is becoming personal and would not like it to be this way. My time is best spent making great audio equipment, not engaging in argument. Let's focus on listening, because brand allegiance aside, music is our true passion.

Very well said.

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