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Lost my gym earbuds, need to decide on new ones...

  1. Giantandre
    I have been using Klipsch s4's with Comply foam tips for the past year at the gym (have Sennheiser HD 25-1 II's for other use THANKS Head Fi) and I apparently lost them last Saturday. So I looking to replace. I really liked the s4's and might just buy a new pair. Would like some other suggestions though. 
    Whats Important to me.
    1. Good to Great Build Quality -- these are for the gym. I work out pretty hard. I can be somewhat rough with them too.
    2. Great Isolation - This is usually solved by the Comply Foams (which help them stay in my ears, which is almost always a problem for me) Like to be in my own world while working out.
    3. Long enough cord -- I'm 6'9" I like to put the ipod in my pocket or clip to my shorts.
    4. Price Range - Around the same as the s4's is preferred but I could go higher for something that is markedly better. 
    5. They need to be in-ear .. I feel much more comfortable working out that way. Don't like full size or behind the neck - just a personal preference. 
    6. Music -- I mostly listen to Techno, Prog House, House and Hip Hop in the gym. But would like them to be decent for other genres because outside of the gym I rarely listen to those.
    Thanks for your Help
    PS - Every suggestion I have received from Head-fi has been great (The s4's, the senn's and my wife took my Alessandro's after her Sony's died)
  2. nipit
    I would suggest to purchase Vsonic GR06. For 58$ they are great earphones. Definitely an upgrade from S4.
    They should be great with the genres you listen.
  3. JK1
    Did you also lose your player? Imo people should use an inexpensive player like the Clip+ or Clip Zip in the gym, and also use low priced earphones when working out. It is too easy to trash a player or earphones with sweat, by being dropped, or getting the cord caught in a weight machine.
  4. archy121
    How about taking look at Yamaha EPH-100.

    With a robust aluminium construction body, best isolation out of all DD IEMs & includes extension cord.

    Sound wise they are turning out to be real dark horse & punching in a higher tier than price point.

    Great review by tienbasse & others on thread Yamaha EPH-100 thread

  5. Giantandre
    Thanks for the responses :
    @nipit Though those look good and fit my criteria , they are currently out of stock and I'd like to make the purchase ASAP.
    @jk1 - Still on my iphone 3gs (knock on wood) I also have a older nano I use. I just like having nicer/better earbuds to workout, blocks out the d-bags at the gym and keeps me motivated.
    @archy121 -- look cool and have what looks like a great build quality, just 150 is a little higher then I want to go for gym buds.
  6. JK1
    The JVC HA-FXC51 is also a microdriver IEM, however it is much less expensive than the EPH-100. There are several threads here praising it. I enjoy mine. It has an aluminum body and seems very solidly built. It is only around $25. Don't let the low price fool you. It is a quality IEM.  It does need plenty of burn in though to sound its best.

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