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Lossless vs 128kbps mp3 vs 320kbps mp3 blind test

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by chewy4, Jan 15, 2013.
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  1. KamijoIsMyHero
    can you provide an example(e.g. link on youtube) of hiss that you hear or describe it further, I don't hear a hiss at all, BTW the distortion is a characteristic of metal anyway, same way the acoustic guitar is for that genre you gave out
  2. chewy4
    I'll post a link on lunch break, but a lot of times you have to have good gear to hear it. Mine is particularly unforgiving of it. It's also generally inaudible unless there is close to silence so it's mostly a nonissue if I chose the right parts but I just played it safe and chose tracks that I couldn't hear any of it in.
    I might have been wrong in saying that it is hard to avoid when distorted guitar comes into play, that might just be my particular collection. The stuff I have with the loudest hiss is actually acoustic.
    EDIT: Here's an example of something with very noticable hiss(warning: album cover contains nudity but it's art so it's cool): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCxNVYF_7hA
    Generally a lot quieter than that, but I was really picky in my selections.
  3. Maker
    When there will be results ? [​IMG]
  4. chewy4
    I was thinking in about a week, depends on how much more people participate.
  5. bigdubs
    For #3:
    a. 128kbps
    b. 320kbps
    c. Lossless
  6. longslong
    Here's a stupid question, how do you format/post the spoiler bit? My google fu seems to be week
  7. chewy4
    In the reply box there is a thing that looks like a black speech box. It's in between the double quotes and text alignment boxes.
  8. liuk
    A: 128
    B: 320, guessed
    C: lossless, guessed
    could not tell a thing between B and C honestly. Just "feels" B is a bit less precise than C but have no idea in all honesty. A felt with less crispy highs than the source.
    A: Lossless guessed
    B: 128
    C: 320 guessed
    after the 16th second A felt more confused, with the highest frequencies less sharp and "nippy". Again, lossless and 320, I have no real idea.
    A: 320, guessed
    B: lossless, guessed
    C: 128
    C felt less dynamic after the 18th second, more confused and the guitars less vibrant. for 320 and Lossless, no my friend, I have no idea at all.
    here are mine. Was not easy at all, honestly, to distinguish them. Actually, I mostly have no clue to distinguish 320 from Lossless, and actually 128 is not obvious to me also. I also suspect than when confronting the "alleged" 128 with the source, my mind was tricking me.
    Overall, I think that, had I bought a CD, or downloaded a bad rip, I would have hardly known.
    Also I do not really agree with the chosen music. Some more complex, dynamic piece (e.g. classical, Dvorjak's 9th maybe) would have probably been better.
    Great initiative, thought. Thanks for that. Will be very interested in the results.
  9. jiminy
    just had a go, but how do you hide your answers, also agree with the last post, with that kind of music is it not going to be more difficult, and should it not be the same track for each?
  10. jiminy
    in order a, b then c from 128 to lossless, think c was lossless because it sounded the quietest
    very difficult, listened to the first bit of 2 and could not differenciate
    sorry, found answer to spoiler box when i started to read ealier posts
    i have had a go at 3 as i seem to agree on the first, i didnt look at the answers to 3
    A was 320
    b was lossless, hated the second bit
    c was 128

    if im correct with both of mine which i doudt. lossless is the easiest to pick as its the dullest
  11. liuk
    I checked and you are as wrong as I was.
  12. jiminy
    Have you got the answers? Have we mistaken 128 with lossless? I do hope so
  13. chewy4
    I would have probably thrown in a classical track if I had any lossless one's, but I don't. So I just tried to keep it diverse and use well mastered stuff, hopefully showing a varying degree of difficulty between the three groups. There's no way I could have what everyone wants to see with only three tracks, and I felt like any more than that would be too much. 
    Nobody should have the answers yet but some people have given opposite answers so far.

  14. Taowolf51
    Group 1:
    To me, A sounded the best, with B and C being fairly similar. If I had to choose between B and C, I would say B was the 320 and C was the 128.
    Group 2: I invalidated the test by accidentally seeing someone's answers for group 2 when looking at Group 1 answers (after completing the group 1 test).
    Group 3:
    I would say C was Lossless, B and A were lossy. If I had to choose between them, I'd say A was 128.
    The conversions for this are pretty well done. I'd be interested in a test that compared a series of converters. All 3 tracks are 128, one done by LAME, one by iTunes, and one by some other converter. See if people can ABX between that.
  15. liuk
    yes we did. I do not have the answer but guessing the bitrates with a spectrometer is quite easy. And yes, we swapped 128 with lossless in group A.
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