Looking For Suggestions Under $100
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Feb 5, 2007
Looking for suggestions for some headphones under $100 for my girlfriend. Right now she uses a crappy logitech headset but her birthday is coming up soon and she has expressed desire for some headphones that aren't complete crap.
Since she doesnt really have a particular taste I will tell you mine: I own Beyerdynamic DT770 (80ohm) and DT880 (600 ohm). I used my DT770's primarily for gaming but ive had them for almost 10 years now and they need a recable now, so I've been using my DT880's for the last month, and while I like them, I prefer the closed headphones for gaming to block out some of the outside noise.
I am pretty loud playing my games so I would imagine she would probably want some closed headphones as well to block out my rambling, but I would also take suggestions for open headphones as well (or semi-open).
Edit: What do people think of Asus Cerberus Gaming Headset? Its on sale for $30 Canadian (regular price $90). Anyone have experience with them?
Scratch that edit, they arent getting great reviews.
What say you about Sennheiser 558? Or even Sennheiser 518? Sound like a good pair of intro cans?

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