Looking for reference-class DAC
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Nov 8, 2012
Hi guys, I'm looking for a portable DAC only that could be both used as a usb DAC and an iDevice DAC and my budget would be around $200. I hope that it would be a reference-class DAC that would sound as neutral as possible, or is it possible to get such a DAC at this price point? Any help from u guys out there would be greatly appreciated :)
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The whole point of a good DAC is that it should be transparent and thus neutral. The ODAC is a great USB DAC that fits your budget, although it won't work with idevices.
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Hey thanks for your reply. Well I've considered the ODAC for quite a while but I can't seem to make up which one should I choose: AudioEngine D1 or the ODAC. They're both in the same price range and I've read positive reviews on both of them. However, some said that the D1 has a small soundstage and the bass is muddy or something... To what extent is that true?
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The ODAC will be be the better DAC, but it is just a DAC. It does not have a headphone amp. The D1 has a headphone amp and pre-amp outputs for plugging up speakers.
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The ODAC produces analog 2 channel line output that is meant to be connected to amplification, whether a separate headphone amp, powered speakers, or an audio/video receiver.

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