Looking for Portable Headphone Suggestions
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Aug 27, 2006
In two weeks I'll be making the 20hour journey from Minneapolis to Singapore and need a suggestion for some comfortable and appropriate headphones.  I primarily listen with my Grado SR60s and love their sound stage and dynamic range; Unfortunately these are not really appropriate for public listening.  I have a pair of Sure IEMs but don't think I'll make it 20 hours listening to those, I generally want to ream my ears out after listening for only an hour.
I'd like to keep the suggestions near the price range of $50-$175  No IEMs, I prefer headphones that surround the ear but also like ones that sit on the ear (i.e. grado)
Thanks for your suggestions and if you think I missed a parameter or something that might help make a better suggestion let me know.
Thanks Guys and Gals!
Matthew LaBerge
*EDIT*  Forgot my source... will likely be my iPhone 4 or MacB00k Pro 15"

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