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Looking for new earbuds, any help would be much appreciated...

  1. Andalor
    Hi everyone, first time poster, long time lurker here.

    I'm looking for new earbuds for my iPhone 4 for regular use while walking to work and at work.

    I'd previously been using the Apple IEM's, which I found quite excellent, but unfortunately I just don't like the obtrusive in ear design. The sound was fantastic in my eyes (or ears), but the microphonics and isolation just weren't for me. So, I then switched to a pair of Sennheiser PX100-II's. Again, excellent sound, and the more open design was a big winner with me. Unfortunately, I find them extremely uncomfortable after any length of time, say a half hour or so.

    I'm now looking at earbuds as I have used the stock Apple earbuds before and found them very nice in all aspects bar sound quality. They are nice and easy to put in and take out, don't isolate and they look fairly stylish (compared to some of the more outlandish headphone/earphone designs).

    The main contenders I am looking at include the Sennheiser MX 580's, MX 880's and the 980's. I know the Yuin range is highly regarded around these parts but I have been unable to find them for reasonable prices in the UK.

    The Sennheiser's on the other hand are all offered at quite attractive prices. the 580's can be had for £17.49 (roughly $28), the 880's for £30 ($50) and the 980's for £80 ($130). So, bearing in mind I'm going to be using whichever earbuds I decide on from an unamped iPhone 4, what would you consider the best option to be? Though the 880's and 980's look great I hear they aren't too comfortable. I consider comfort pretty paramount to my purchase decision as they need to be worn for extended times and I find nothing more annoying than uncomfortable headphones.

    I appreciate any advice you can provide, it will be a big help in deciding the right pair for me.

    Thank you.

  2. DaBomb77766
    I hear that the sennheiser lineup is actually a better bang-for-buck than the yuin lineup now.  Also, a new player in the earbud market is 9wave, which apparently makes excellent earbuds, but I haven't the slightest idea where you can buy them from.
    Also, there are a few IEMs that are extremely comfortable and not particularly intrusive.  Examples are the Soundmagic PL50 and several half in-ear IEMs.  These are extremely easy to remove and put back in, not like most deep-insertion IEMs.  I'd recommend you give these a look too.  (phiaton makes some half in-ears)
    Oh, also, you should check out these threads:
  3. chrislangley4253
    I'd also suggest you consider the BeB black buds on the low end of things.. They should compare well to the mx580s I know some people prefer them
    I've got a pair of PK3's and I have a pair of the BeB's on the way. I can update and let you know which I think is better after a bit of burn in. But, it looks like you might be wanting to spend a bit more than these budget buds. 

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