Looking for IEMs w/ Lifetime Warranty for Rock/Electronica for $300
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Aug 29, 2011
When you do compare them to the EX1000, I'm sure you'll find that the ASG-1 is just as capable. I've owned both the EX600 and EX1000; the EX600 being the MUCH better value. Sure, you get better accuracy and imaging going from the EX600 to EX1000, but it's about a 5% increase (IMO). Something the ASG-1 crushes the EX1000 in is bass: it has better quantity. Mids are iffy; they are both equally capable.
I would say the only thing the EX1000 wins in is the highs, which are the best out of any DD IEM I have tried. The soundstage on each IEM is about equal, but the EX1000 tends to focus on right-to-left soundstage (or 2D) rather than the ASG-1 being all-encompassing (3D). Very different sound-signatures, that's for sure.
The EX1000 is my third favorite DD IEM, the ASG-1 being my favorite.

I have old ASG-1, the 1.1, and yeh it is very capable but it lacks in a few areas compared such speed an instrument separation in which the EX1000 is in another league. Mids are the 1.1 are truly phenomenal and they sit above the EX1000. Highs are again something else on the EX1000 than the ASG-1. As for bass on the version i have the have slightly less quantity, yeh they have upped the bass a fair bit, and quality is slightly not as good due to speed and texture. The EX1000 at the moment as better sub-bass but with the 1.2 i doubt this the case.
The ASG-1 if you look at my sig round up and any where i post have been my favourite IEM since i have owned them but now i feel the EX1000 have taken other. Just preference an progression but i do not think that any one will touch the 1.1 mids soon.

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