Looking For Headphones, to be paired with ALO Pan-Am and Gateway power supply
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Dec 17, 2012
Hi there!
I'm looking for headphones to be paired with an ALO Pan Am amp and Gateway PSU. 
The ideal headphones for me would be (in greatest to least priority)
1. Comfort-Similar to the Audio Technica ADH 700. I prefer really soft, gushy pads that cover the whole ear, preferrably in super soft leather or velvet. The idea is that these should barely feel like they are there. 
2. Slightly punchy mids and not necessarily tight but controlled bass. Treble can be average or below average, but not tinny.
3. Not something TOO BIG, I'd like to take them on the plane. Speaking of which, I'd love headphones that could block out ambient noise slightly (such as babies or engine roar)
4. I'm looking for a "fun" set of headphones rather than an "analytical" pair. I don't mind sacrificing a bit of sound quality for comfort and ease of use. My source music isn't always amazing by any means, mostly mp3s sadly.
5. Looks, I mean if they can look nice why not? (Not that important, just don't want to be sitting on the train with Massive 80s style headphones)
Can you guys help me out? Budget ideally under $500.00, but willing to go to $650.00 U.S. if needed. 
I mainly listen to Rock, EDM, Jazz, and some Orchestrated Video Game music, and VERY rarely hip-hop.
Thanks for your help! 
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I've been reading through the reviews here on Head-Fi, and I think I like the ATH-Earsuit e7's. Is there any danger to put low impedance (42 ohms) headphones into an amp like the pan-am?

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