Looking for ( found )"end game" headphones in 2K ± price range.
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Aug 24, 2020
In my setup A good vinyl record beats digital source even though I’m using retro ortofon cartridge. Warmer and very organic sound which has more presence than digital source, a real magic with acoustic music.

the only thing that I wish for is that sweet spot would be across whole lp record
You won’t hear any argument from me, regarding deeper emotional engagement and musical enjoyment achieved with well mastered vinyl.

Digital glare, sterile like quality is my biggest pet peeve with digitally sourced components in an audio chain.
I won’t put all of the blame on the components, as I feel that the product (digital masters and entire process from mic to master music file) is often to blame. While vinyl, for the most part, usually stays in analog domain.
I am not saying that vinyl is more “accurate”. All I am saying is that music seems more agreeable with our hearing. Something that can be interpreted as more pleasing, emotional, fluid listening experience.

I believe those who profess superiority of digital are partially influenced by convenience of digital reproduction. And turned off by quirkiness, process and sometimes complexity of proper, quality vinyl setup.

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