Looking for cheaper alternative to the Creative DDTS-100 Dolby Surround Sound Decoder
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Jul 12, 2008
Hi, I have a playstation 3 and I have a Creative Labs G500 gigaworks 5.1 speaker setup. I used to use these with a creative sound card on my computer. I sold my computer and bought a PS3 (which has optical out for audio) and I have these speakers which have the creative labs 3 way (yellow green black) input connectors. Is there some cheap box that will have optical input and creative lab type 3 way speaker output ? The only box that I know does this is the Creative Labs DDTS-100 decoder which is no longer manufactured and is being sold on ebay for $450+. Any suggestions ?
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What do you mean by "have it amp the speakers" and what is the LFE signal?

As it is now, the subwoofer has an amp built-in which is used to drive the other speakers (and itself). With a receiver you'll run the speaker wire from the receiver itself to the 5 surround speakers, and then you'll output the subwoofer's signal to the sub (most receivers have a sub pre-out, where it sends the low frequency signal that is intended for the subwoofer).
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Any suggestions other than getting a cheap receiver? I'm in a similar situation and desperately looking for a solution.

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