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Looking for a pair of cans to go along with my HE-500s.. Suggestions?

  1. bl42ed0
    I'm using the HE-500s (with EF-5) for everything at the moment but I know they're not the best for every type of genre. Any suggestions on a pair of cans (and perhaps an amp) that would go well with the HE-500s?
    Type of music I listen to (in order):
    -Rock (Mostly Classic)
    -Hip/Hop (very rarely)
    My only criteria is to stay within $400-$500. Thanks!
  2. bl42ed0
    No ideas? Really? Is the HE-500 that good that the opposite would be a pair of Monster Beats? [​IMG]
    How about the Alessandro MSPro's?
  3. roguegeek
    It would be nice to see what other think the opposite, counterpart, or compliment of the HE-500 is.
  4. steve2151
    The HE-500 is a good all-rounder with a balanced frequency response and good bass extension, so why not something much more colored?

    I have a Grado HF-2 and an Audio Technica ATH-AD1000PRM I use as a counterpoint to my HD 800 and HE-6. They're more limited in genre bandwidth and some would say much less accurate, but sometimes you need to have a more intimate presentation or more forward vocals. 
    Alternately, you can take a chance on a vintage Stax system if you can find one for a good price, I consider the SRM1/MK2 and SR404 I picked up recently to be better than most mid-fi headphones due to the fast decay and zero grain. 
  5. fabio-fi
    Ultrasone Pro900, compliments any Hifiman really good. 
  6. bl42ed0
    Since I can't find a new HF-2, what is your opinion on the PS500 as an alternative? I'm thinking of making the 2nd pair portable with an E17.
  7. steve2151
    They are basically the same headphone. I've seen comparisions where people point out a slight difference, but it's usually minimal enough to be attributed to the variances in the wood used.

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