Looking for a durable, balanced IEM
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Capt Snow

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Feb 3, 2013
Dear Head-Fiers,
I'm looking for some IEM's that sound well without amplification, have a balanced sound signature and I would like them to be pretty durable as well.
Max budget is about 160 euros/dollars.
Currently looking at:
-Vsonic GR-06, 59 euros
-Vsonic GR-07 Mk2 , 149 euros (Read complaints about the rotating nozzle not holding up to time + usage well)
I'd like to know how these two options compare and other IEM recommendations are also welcome. Comparisons from people who own both IEM's would be extremely helpful.
Thanks in advance
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Feb 26, 2008
I would suggest the RHA MA750.  I wouldn't necessarily call them "balanced", but I think that's a word that's thrown around too much anyway.  "Balanced" for me might be Grado sound while "balanced" for you might be AKG sound, ya know?
Anyway, the 3 year warranty on the MA750 is ridiculous so you will never really have to worry about durability issues, though they are built very well.  I would say that they're biased towards the mids side of things, but I still find the treble pleasant and it's nice that I never get siblance.  The bass is nice as well with a little bit of midbass bleed.  A little more involving than the GR07 MKII.
I probably would not suggest the GR07 MKII purely because I do not get along with the sound sig, for whatever reason.  I don't find them particularly "balanced" to my ear - they're just too bass light and thin sounding.  If this makes sense, I would say that they're really good at being average.  I'm selling them soon.  I would try out the BE but I'd rather put the money towards one of my other hobbies (the damn IIIF).  
Lastly, this is not the forum for these types of questions.  See below.


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