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Looking for a decent IEM, help me out?

  1. Vonx
    Hey guys so im looking for a decent IEM since i travel a bit and i cant stand the gaudy-ness and impracticality of my large cans so does anyone experienced with IEMs have some good directions to throw me in? im lookin for a range to chunk down about $70 - $150, just something that has a nice natural reproduction of sound with a decent bass response.
    I've heard some positive things about the klipsch image s4's, the hifiman RE0's, and a few shure models. Can someone tell me the best value for great balanced sound quality and practibility for traveling in this price range!! thanks so much
  2. LegendaryLvl1


    Just do it. End of story.
  3. Vonx

    Err, no thanks. That was no help at all. You arent influencing my decisions. If you travel more than once a year you will quickly learn the hassle of bringing along all your gear especially with the risk of it getting stolen/damaged/too large to carry. 
    You clearly have no understanding and no will to help so get ****ed.
  4. LegendaryLvl1


    hmm. This post is interesting. Let's see the response it gets eh?
  5. Blinxat
    I have the SE215 and would recommend them. I would avoid the Klipsch s4 though! hated the fit, poor quality cable.
  6. ZARIM
    The Etymotic HF5 are very detailed in mids and highs with good bass response and block out most noise. Some others Dynamic IEMs are also recommended which are very detailed yet fun to listen with deep rich bass like EX600, GR07, EX510, IE7 and HJE900.
  7. Vonx
    Only proves that you were unhelpful, not to mention completely blunt. Run off, your pathetic.
  8. Vonx


  9. LegendaryLvl1


    ahhh ok mate. Have fun.
    I'm sorry that your ego is so big that you responded to "Just do it, end of story" with
    Maybe you should learn how to express yourself without swearing? I'm sure your parents could help. Over-reacting much?
    And unfortunately, I as a human being do not live to serve you. I couldn't help you, so what? You attack me? Great. I think some work experience could help you out.
  10. soundstige
    An attitude definitely isn't going to help anything Vonx. Just because you don't like the advice someone gives you doesn't mean you should attack them in response. We're all here to have fun.
  11. kiteki
  12. Cielbleufr
    Forget the Sony earphones by the way, i got the EX500... Ugly ugly ugly !

    I bought a pair of Dunu 3 weeks ago as i already said in many posts, they deserve my repeat :

    They are the ones :wink:

    100% tremendous.

    Gregory FR
  13. kiteki
    The EX300, EX500 and EX700 do not compare to the EX600 which is a completey different IEM and probably the best looking one of any IEM released this year! :wink:  It also feels very solid when you hold it in your hand.
  14. BattleBrat
    The new sony offerings are beasts, got the EX1000's myself, I think you would like them...

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