Looking for a DAP between USD $750-1000
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May 23, 2014
The last time I visited Head-Fi, the newest DAPs I can remember were the iBasso DX80 and FiiO X7. I am completely out of the current loop and overwhelmed by new options, to say the least. I am looking to buy a new DAP to use as a source for my home theater stereo and on-the-go listening. I need something with a nice black background and a high degree of accuracy. I'm sensitive to sibilance so I don't want anything too bright. Frankly, I've always been extremely happy with my iBasso DX80 and DX90, but neither are working any more and they need to be replaced.

The more I read about the FiiO M11 Pro, the more I'm inclined to pull the trigger; but I want to know how it stacks up against other similarly-priced options that I am unfamiliar with. What comes highly recommended in the USD $750-1,000 range these days? If you fine people are willing to drop suggestions I can do my own research on individual DAPs.
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A few suggestions for you to read up on -
Shanling m6 pro
LinLuMei A2
Both have dedicated threads under the portable source gear sub forum.
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I'm loving my Cayin N6ii. It's not the newest out there but with swappable motherboards (which use different DACs), I2S and S/PDIF via USB outputs to external DACs, system-wide DTA with a fairly open Android implementation, it's a pretty good DAP. The range of swappable motherboards currently available for it offer, depending on the motherboard, a mix of single-ended outputs, balanced outputs and line outs. I use mine for TIDAL and Qobuz streaming, along with local FLAC files. You do get a level of MQA decoding if you install UAPP with the MQA add-on, but it doesn't do MQA natively if that's important to you. Battery life is reasonable depending on the motherboard installed, headphones connected and volume level.

I run a series of headphones with it. It's a bit of a brick in terms of shape and weight but I use it on my evening walks with no issues.

Dedicated thread here for the Cayin N6ii:


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