List of High-End Analog Source Owners on Head-Fi Continued
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Very nice turntable if I do say so.

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My main analog source:
Technics SP-25 turntable
Technics SH-15B1 plinth
Technics EPA-500 tonearm
Audio Technica AT-OC9ML/II cartridge
Isonoe feet
KAB PS-1200 power supply.
In 1979 the turntable/arm/plinth cost $1306
Adjusted for inflation, that's $3927
The power supply, feet and cartridge cost a total of $974.
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Still using the VPI Superscoutmaster signature  w/upgraded platter.
Have upgraded around it though.Have converted the junction box to the balanced version, and added a  BAT VK-P10 phonostage and BAT REX preamp.
Also have a Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum on the way to compare with the Dynavector XX2 MKII that has been in use for over two years.
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BAT certainly make great sounding audio gear, TOM is your P10 an SE model upgrade.

Know, but I had one a couple years ago. Cant really form an opinion about which i like more since the systems are so different.  Might have mine upgraded at some point but right now I'm very happy with the way things are.

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