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Liquid Gold - 2014

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by runeight, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. doggiemom
    [​IMG]  I've been kinda working up to it.  I started in this hobby when I pledged on Indiegogo for the Geek Out V2 Infinity/ Audeze EL-8 combo.  I got tired of waiting for the items to be shipped (took over a year), so I started reading these forums and buying other things to tide me over.  Once I got a cheap-o DAC/amp (an Xduoo) and the Focal Spirit Classics, I was hooked..... it has only gotten more expensive since then.  [​IMG]  CanJam resulted in the Utopia and LAu purchases.
    What is your serial number?  Mine is 218.
  2. goldendarko

    Well luckily you've reached the pinnacle. not a whole lot higher to go when you've got a LAu & the Utopia!
  3. doggiemom

    I do feel like I've blown my wad.  (Sorry for the crude analogy!)  I can't imagine anything sounding much better than this.  I hope someone else has recommendations, because I am tempted to retire now and eat ramen for the rest of my life.  [​IMG]
  4. x RELIC x Contributor
    Don't try the Chord DAVE.... [​IMG]
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  5. AntonD

    Fantastic. Enjoy it.
    Was listening to my rig last night and just started laughing to myself.
    Music was Diana Krall HD download and Kinda Blue Miles Davis in CD . All my music is ripped to WAV.
    THE REPLAY WAS JUST RIDICULOUS. At one point I thought a drummer was next to me whacking the symbols!
    All the best.
  6. doggiemom
    I've been Googling replacement cables, to use the balanced outputs of the LAu.  Is it better to get the 4 pin single connector, or the dual 3 pin connectors?  Moon Audio seems to have a lot of options, but are pretty pricey (remember, I am currently broke after the CanJam splurge [​IMG]).  Are there other brands I should be looking at? 
  7. reddog
    I have used Blue Jean Cable company. The company makes good, quality cables at a reasonable price.
  8. bearFNF Contributor
    @reddog I think @doggiemom is looking to use the balanced outputs from the LAu to some Headphones. I don't think Blue jeans makes headphone cables. I do use their interconnects into all my gear though (SE and balanced).
    Moon, "Q", Dana, Norne all have good options at a ranges of prices. I use "Q" French silk with my HD800 and really like the flexibility of the cable.
  9. doggiemom

    Yes, looking for a balanced cable for the LAu and Utopias.  Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Stillhart
    Dual 3-pin is legacy; nobody uses it anymore.  Get single 4-pin XLR so it'll work with most any amp.
    As to cables, the ones I'd recommend are not cheap, but they sound amazing.  Danacable and Wireworld (their TOTL ones) make some of the best headphone cables I've heard.  If you're not going to go all out, I'd recommend just going with the ones that you like the price and aesthetics of the most.  I know this is a controversial topic so I'll just leave this as my humble opinion with the understanding that most everyone has a different one.
    I'd recommend listening before buying if you possibly can.
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  11. BunnyNamedCraig
    This is my favorite combo in the store... Totally liquid for sure! :)  IMG_1121.jpg
  12. austinpop
    I finally heard back from Alex on this. To quote:
    "...even if you have a fairly high signal coming in the LAu's vol pot will allow you to attenuate it before it reaches the amp. This is true for the balanced inputs. The SE input has a phase splitter before the pot and it would be possible to overdrive it, but I don't think that would happen even with you current signal levels."
    My interpretation of this is that in the LAu design, there is no input stage preceding the volume potentiometer. So there is nothing to "over-drive" with an excessively high signal. A high signal may just be more of an inconvenience by limiting the usable range of the volume knob. For me, operationally, I find myself using the volume knob from about 8 o'clock to about 1 o'clock, in Lo gain mode. This is perfectly acceptable for me.
    Bottom line - whatever I was hearing, it's in the music itself.
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  13. traehekat
    Looking to buy if anyone happens to be selling!

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  14. Stillhart
    Some of the US distributors may still have one or two left from the last batch.  The Source A/V and Music to My Ear.
  15. traehekat

    Thanks! I'll reach out to them.

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