Life after Yggdrasil?
Dec 27, 2019 at 4:05 AM Post #1,366 of 1,366
@neogeosnk dont confuse newer chipsets different math for better, the newer math is often made to be able to include the next higher sampling rate options available, whether that be pcm or dsd. For those of us with decades of critical digital listening experience we know that the complete package from input thru processing to output, grounding schemes, power supply and noise suppression are all important , just look at what you get when you move up the Schiit line,
Sure, I own an Yggy A2 and agree. I worked in video games for many years and bits don't really mean much, it's the implementation. I suggest if you can, try out the Matrix Sabre MQA and then report back. It's a very well implemented dac.

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