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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. disastermouse
    Poweramp for Android comes with equalizer settings that you can set to each song? Do other Android media players do that as well?

    Does anyone else have any general 'iPhone-to-Android switching' advice? Specifically for someone who is still a Mac user.

    Does Google have a contacts manager app that syncs with Android? I could replace the Mac one with a Google one, as long as I only have to manually move contacts once. I know they have a calendar that I can sync with Mac Calendar pretty much just by setting all my calendar stuff to 'Google Calendar' in my Mac Calendar settings.
  2. Koolpep

    Yes, plenty of loud - I wasn't necessary speaking about volume but rather sound quality - like does the bass extend further down - does it have more body to it (at the same volume level) etc.
    The PM-3 does sound really nice from a iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 - don't have a + though. But putting it on a good amp lifts it up a bit - making it even better. To my ears and your mileage may vary
  3. Koolpep

    The file transfer app for the Mac is called: Android File Transfer -it's free and works well.
    For contacts - just import your contacts into your gmail account on the Mac - done, it will sync over the cloud to your Android phone. I am using iOS and Android and using gmail everywhere makes these switches very painless and my Mac, iPhone and Android are always in sync.
  4. DGG32
    Hi, has anyone been able to get the v20 to work with dac/amps like the oppo ha-2 without the use 3rd party apps i.e UAPP ? I've tried connecting a couple of dac/amps with a usb type c adapter and cant seem to get it to work.
  5. Koolpep

    SD cards in MS-DOS FAT16 and FAT32 or EX-FAT format work just fine on Macs - no issues. Only NTFS there Mac cannot write - only read (but there are apps for that which can enable NTFS writing as well).
  6. disastermouse
    Which formats can Android read/write?
  7. Koolpep
    MS-DOS FAT16 and FAT32 or EX-FAT plus various linux formats but these are not used on SD-cards.
  8. Oo Meitar oO
    Hey there. My only IEMs are the IE80s and im thinking about buying the V20.  Would appreciate if you helped me with a couple of questions.
    do the IE80s trigger any special mode (aux, high impedance etc.)? If they dont, did you manually trigger aux mode, or just listened to them in normal mode?
    do you feel any difference (in volume and/or quality) with the V20 in comparison to another phone without external gear (amp, dac etc.). im coming from an LG G3 and wanna know if there's a difference. 
    Would like to know your overall experience with it and to know if there's is a reason to upgrade from the LG G3 audio-wise.
    Thanks ALOT!
  9. maxh22

    Hi, I own IE 80s and use a V10. The IE 80s don't need Aux mode to sound good. They sound very good just straight from the jack. In my personal experience, the V10 needed 10 hours of break In before the dac/ amp started to sound good. It further improved with time.

    The difference between the G3 and V10 is frankly night and day. The same with G3 and V20.
  10. RockStar2005
    Yes it does. I don't know if others do, but Poweramp does. It's pretty easy to apply & save it to each song too. The only thing is when you get a new phone, even if you save the settings a file (aka "Export"), it saves everything but the songs you chose to apply a specific EQ too would need to be redone. 
    Yeah. Google backs up all your contacts by default I believe, and the apps you get (free or paid) as well. Not sure on transferring that info from iPhone to Android, but there prob is something like that out there I'm sure. Ok, so at least you got the calendar thing covered. 
  11. jagwap

    The PM3s will be a little quieter than the iphone when plugged in. But if you do the external mode trick you'll get the same output as iphone 7 but I think better quality.

    Do the high impedance trick and you'll have plenty
  12. obbiie

    I would recommend iSyncr for sync between iTunes on the mac and the V20. I use it with my mac and the V10 and it syncs playlists great and also syncs playcount updates back to iTunes (from Poweramp for sure, other music apps too)
    I also use Smoothsync to sync ical on the mac to Google calendar. 
  13. disastermouse
    What is the high impedance trick?
  14. maxh22

    Plug in the 3.5 jack into the phone while unplugging the headphones connectors. It tricks the phone into outputing more power via Aux line out . Then plug in the headphone connectors. Or you could just buy an additional adapter and not do the above.

    I wish you could manually chose between high and low gain, bud sadly you cannot
  15. disastermouse
    Just any 3.5 jack? Or does it need to be a special kind?
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