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LG-V10 Hi-Fi audio quality review on serious audio performance

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by whitigir, Oct 21, 2015.
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  1. SSyyddii
  2. SSyyddii
    Yes. Nougat it is.
  3. Sp12er3
    Ao you gender updating it to nougat will make it better instead?
  4. SSyyddii
    I was okay with Marshmallow, but when I got my phone back from LG updated, I definitely liked Nougat a lot more. Is it worth doing? Depends on you and if you want to devote the time to update it manually. I was hoping LG would do an over the air update but it never happened. Don't know if they will for the V10. Hope that answers your question. You update using LG bridge. On their website. But you need to research how. It's not hard.
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  5. tienbasse
    Nougat brings a cleaner UI with no drawback on the autonomy/bug side, it is very polished.
    No change in sound in my opinion, although it is difficult to be sure.
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  6. Dragonmilenario
    Hi, i think im a little late for the party, but maybe there are still some people here.

    I'm thinking of buying the LG v10 just as a phone to listen to Spotify and Tidal. I have a Sony one (terrible dac, in my opinion) and I always connect the Meze 99 classics with an external DAC and that's a lot of cables.

    I have a couple of questions:

    - Are there different versions of V10 to consider? I'm talking about things like X version doesn't have the same DAC or power is limited, etc... I've seen a new one for just 100 euros.

    - Does the dac finally work at full performance with third-party applications without the need for external programs? As I say, I'm going to use it only with Spotify and Tidal and I want the result to be the best possible from these applications.

    - And in short, is it worth it?
  7. Baycode
    Hi, I am still using V10 as my main music source (except on the office which I use a dac and an amp). V10 sound quality still satisfy me. I generally use Spoyify to stream music (the problem of activating hifi dac solved in the early times). Never used Tidal so cant speak about that. There are some versions of V10 but I have never heard about different sound qualities. Generally LG V10 still is a good phone IMO. After the Android Nougat update there were no planned updates by LG though... So I use Nougat (which I really like). There are 2 reported issues about the phone though which I have to mention: screen burn and bootloop. Especially bootloop is a very common issue among many LG models. My V10 mainboard replaced once because of this issue (the phone died suddenly -without any signs and damage- luckily it was replaced under warranty). So bare this in mind before making your decision. I will continue to use V10 untill it dies again because I really love this device and its sound quality.
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  8. dogears
    AND with the manual control on 4K video this model is a no brainer at its current price. just ordered one and hope to get it next week. price: ~$77.
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