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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. MorbidToaster
    Thought you guys would appreciate the latest addition.
    EDIT: Not done yet. Adding the sun and the stone (from the LP art) in a month.
  2. ferday

    Actually that's pretty cool
  3. MorbidToaster

    Once it's done and the color falls out a bit it'll look even better.
  4. ferday

    Always true...but there's something about fresh ink that just pops out

    Anyways I like the design and it appears to be very well done! I have good ink and scratcher ink LOL but when they're that big it's nice to see some great details
  5. Kirnupiima
    That looks great! Btw, do you have also Crack the Skye on 45s? Those are expensive :[
  6. Trogdor

    Holy macrel that is expensive! Nicely done.
  7. Redcarmoose
    Wow, is that permanent?

    This new Kreator live DVD is simply amazing. I watch it everyday. Maybe one of the best live DVDs ever. Just total quality, sound and photography.
    I have it in my Iphone4, Ipad2 and High Def 720p. Just incredible. I'm speechless. If you like Kreator you have to get it.
  8. wrathzombie
    I dont enjoy live DVD's that much. But the only one I really enjoyed was Lamb of God -  Killadelphia because Randy Blithe is hilarious.
  9. Redcarmoose

    Yes, is that the one when he fights outside the tour bus?Is that the one when he keeps talking in different accents depending on the country they are in and can't stop?

    I love that though have not pulled that DVD out in awhile. LOG was way better at that point I think.

    Still this Kreator DVD is really, really good. The live rendition of their old songs is way better than the studio versions from the day. Kreator must have truly been an underground thrash band because their catalog from the eighties sounds worse than demos of most bands. Still their followers loved them.
  10. wrathzombie
    Yes!!! Drunk Randy Blythe shouting
    "You in a skirt" LOL
    "Right Now, Right Now In the streets of Glasgow"
    "You don't want to be beaten by a man in the skirt"
    " Mark Morton !!! Get ready for the ***** Suckerpunch!" LoL and then he gets Knocked OUT...
    And the music towards the end. This DVD is so American \m/

  11. MorbidToaster

    Extremely fair pricing from these locals. 580 AFTER a 20% tip. Though we do have another smaller seasion next month.

    I don't, unfortunately. I haven't quite brought myself to that 150 dollar price tag yet. I have Leviathan on 33, The Hunter on 45, and Blood Mountain on 45. All their vinyl is just top notch, but the 45s are some of my prized LPs as they're just flawless.
  12. ferday
    picked up the somewhat hyped Ruins of Beverast...really enjoying this one!  i love doom and the slower the better...this one is a great mix of death/black/doom with plenty of creepy atmosphere and although somewhat losing steam towards the end, IMO a strong release and a must for any doom fan
  13. Tom Yum Goong
    Holy poop.
    These dudes kick ass!
    I really really like the last track.
    Abrasive Peace by Colosso
  14. Origin89
    It's funny. I'm getting back into Children of Bodom after a little hiatus, and I remember some saying that they're good days were over (even though I thought RRF wasn't so bad). But Halo of Blood is pretty damn good. Anyone diggin' on CoB still?
  15. MorbidToaster

    Vocal style just kind of seems like a joke to me. Love their covers, but their legit music has never done much for me.
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