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Lets talk about IfI Micro BL

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by headphones1999, Jul 24, 2018.
  1. riso1983
    What is the main difference in sound stage and quality between micro BL and Nano BL??
  2. maninthehighcastle
    Hi. I'm using the idsd micro black for quite some time now. What i've noticed is, that if i have the dials just below 0 the sound appears to be only on the left channel and then after increasing the volume a bit on both channels. Is that something you can confirm or test? I use LCD2 and Aeon flow Open on normal gain.
  3. kukkurovaca
    If you mean, there is channel imbalance at low volume levels, this is extremely common/normal with analog volume controls.
  4. maninthehighcastle
    Exactly. Ok. Thank you
  5. crashtest33
    Has anyone got this iFi and a Vorzuge Pure2+ or Duo for comparison?
  6. qsk78
    To me it does not make a lot of sense to compare a DAC/Amp with a pure amplifier.
    The final sound of the combo with Pure 2 will be dependent on an external DAC/DAP.
    And Micro is 8 times more powerful (4W vs 0.5W @16 ohm).
  7. crashtest33
    I was referring to the Amp stage pal. The iFi has a line out I assume. Do you own both?
  8. qsk78
    No, never owned the Pure, just heard it in the past.
    Basically, I was considering between the micro and the Pure II+ to amp my DAP but finally I made the right choice))

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