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Lets talk about IfI Micro BL

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by headphones1999, Jul 24, 2018.
  1. headphones1999
    after intensive research the only real option for my needs seems to be Ifi BL,
    all I need is portable dac\amp for android, that will drive sensitive iems without any hiss.

    the other main options:
    Fiio Q5 was off the list (will have problems with my phone)
    also chord mojo because of the sound signeture
    Sony HPA-3- seems like pretty bad overall amp with very low value for what u pay

    so why not Ifi BL?
    its huge, and even with iematch the output impedance its 4ohm , for sensitive i would want to have 3ohm MAX, i can still buy separate iematch to get 2ohm (the iematch inside BL has different output impedance) but it would be pretty sad if i would have done it lol.

    but I mainly want to figure if there is really no real competition to the Ifi BL out there, ofc i guess if im gonna pay 1500$+ i will find such beast, but i want to stay realistic(=within my budget)
    top budget gonna be 1K$

    thanks for reading
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  2. qsk78
    You can't go wrong with the BL.
    Q5 is not a real competitor to it. I owned both for some time

    I personally don't care much about the size. I use a slim handbag and have ordered a case/bag from VanNuys.
    Sound wise it does not have real competition in the range of 1000-1500 USD.
    Love it.


    You can also have a small DAP in parallel for to go out.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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  3. headphones1999
    And what about the impedance output that is rate at 4ohm? , bassicaly doesnt make it 100% ideal for sensitive iems
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  4. qsk78
    I don't have that low impedance IEM but 30 and 45 ohms. Never use Eco mode, always in Normal.
    IEMatch is always off.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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  5. TheoS53
    IEMatch is 1 ohm when placed on the Ultra setting
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  6. headphones1999
    yeah i saw it a while ago, there is micro BL on its way to me already :) thanks anyway
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  7. bluebair
    I love my black label with my sdr modded hd800, my hd650, and my meze 99 classics. Ive used it with a few iems and many other headphones all with good results, havent found a better bang for buck than this. The mojo didnt compare in sound or versatility, but it does look and feel nicer. I use a small sling bag to carry my gear as I am walking around. Someday I will have the wa8 eclipse though :D
  8. headphones1999
    lol, "bang for buck" portable amp for 600$
    this hobby stink:deadhorse:
    bluebair likes this.
  9. bluebair
    I completely agree. I dont even have the money to be saying stuff like that and I do haha. I just work a regular job and am only 20, so I totally get your point. How about, best I have heard in this price range? Haha CX
  10. headphones1999
    There is almost nothing at its price range lol, mojo geekout and thats it pretty much
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  11. bluebair
    Good point, I guess I compared it to the fiio q5, the oppo ha2se, sony pha-1a, hugo2, mojo, wa8 eclipse, dragonfly red and black, some teac portable amp i forgot he name of, and then a couple desktop dacs/amps, so really the only thing in its price range was the mojo XD

    There are a few other portable amps not as well advertized or rated in the price range of $600, but I didnt hear any of them. I can think of the vamp verza, sony pha2, maybe the centrance m8, and the new ifi xdsd?
  12. qsk78
    The only DAC/Amp I can rate higher is a Limited version of Venturecraft Soundroid Vantam but its retail price is around $1450 and it has a limited power of 80 mW per channel.
    It sounds fantastic (clean and transparent) but can not drive properly many IEMs. That was the reason I replaced it with the ifi micro BL.
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  13. headphones1999
    Nice, have u experienced hissing with sensitive iems with the Micro? Thinking of getting seperate iematch to be extra sure i wont be having any hissing
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  14. qsk78
    I don't have sensitive IEM - currently I own Earsonics S-EM6 V2, Ety ER4SR - no hiss at all!
    The micro BL has an intergrated iEMatch

  15. headphones1999
    Rlly hope mine wont have. Sounds promising though, thanks!

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