LeeSound DarkVoice TE4 Tube Class-A OTL amp
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Aug 8, 2020
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Has anyone seen this LeeSound Darkvoice TE4? I'm interested in buying the darkvoice 336 for around 290$ but this one is half the price and the same output and class A OTL.
I know that the darkvoice 336 has serious reliability issues but this one has the power brick outside.
does anyone have experience with it ? or maybe can share his opinion regarding the concept? the electronic components used?
All help appreciated
Aliexpress link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33034737734.html...

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Feb 8, 2018
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I guess this has nothing to do with Darkvoice at all, just a ripoff of the name.

" Recommended Headphone Maximum Impedance: 251-300 Ohm " and yet " Output Power: 1w /32 ohm "

It looks like a good way to get electrocuted.

I would pass on this one and go for the La Figaro
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Jun 10, 2021
Hi, I've got one and it's a bit of a mixed feelings. First the volume knob isn't linear. The volume increases from zero up to half way through the rotation. After that it remains flat up to the end with just a (barely listenable) increase at the very end. With a hd6xx the sound is glorious, clear, solid, the mids are the very best I've heard. Low end is also clear but not as marked as the mids, as expected with these cans. Highs are very good and not fatiguing. One has to listen at max level, half way through the knob rotation, or it won't sound well. No distortion if one max'es it. All in all a good combo. With a 35 Ohm HE400i it's as if the whole frequency range decreased by a fair db's. The sound is somewhat veiled and pushed to the back. Not disagreeable but it won't get to be loud enough. The sensitivity at 93db is lower than the hd6xx's 103 so it could have to do with it. The shp9500 with a similar sensitivity as the hd6xx behaves pretty much in the same way. My preference goes to the hd6xx for clarity. So much for open backs. As closed backs I tested the M40x with wedged deep brainwave pads, which is as good as the hd6xx and as loud if not a bit more, and the 1more triple on-ear with similar excellent results. Both closed back cans with similar and somehow high sensitivity and low impedance. It seems therefore that the cans' sensitivity is the key factor for using this amp. The very different impedances of these 5 cans doesn't seem to play a significant role imho. Overall with the exception of the he400i it sounds very very well with no distortion whatsoever at any position of the sound volume knob. I don't own a true darkvoice so I can't compare both amps.

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