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Latin Music (Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Mexican, Brazilian, etc..)

Discussion in 'Music' started by SilverEars, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. SilverEars
    Don't see Latin music thread popping up, so I made one dedicated to it.

    I'll start out with the most famous one of all

    And another

    Love me some Latin music!
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  2. SilverEars
  3. Trihexagonal

    This is El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, doing a cover of Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo, and they totally own it. I have the CD and it rocks. :)
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  4. Trihexagonal
    This is another video of El Vez as a guest on some morning show doing his song "Quetzalcoatl". There's a brief intro and he's interviewed after the song. Sadly, he doesn't have the lovely Elvettes performing with him on this one but I really like his music:

    Yes, that's a tiger suit he has on. :)
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  5. Head1
    Kaoma - Lambada

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  6. ADUHF
    Ha-ha! I remember the lambada... Takes me back.

    Thanks for starting this discussion, SilverEars. I am a HUGE (or YUGE as potus would say) fan of Latin music, and look forward to hearing what some others are listening to in the genre. "Despacito" didn't quite hit the mark for me. But its impact has been YUGE. And I am a long time DY/reggaeton fan.

    I'm also very into the Colombian side of the genre at the moment, including Maluma, Nicky Jam, J Balvin, Karol G, Shakira, and to some extent, Carlos Vives. And have been trying to wrap my ears around a little Vallenato (which is what Vives is largely known for). Most of it is a little energetic for my taste. But it's interesting, and sort of like cumbia, but with more accordion, and a softer "cáscara".

    I also like some recent tracks by Ozuna, and Becky G.
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  7. ADUHF
    A couple more tracks that have been pretty popular in the last year or two...

  8. ADUHF
  9. wuwhere Contributor
  10. wuwhere Contributor
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  11. Head1
    Consuelo Velázquez - Bésame Mucho - Cesaria Evora

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  12. Head1
    Álvaro Carrillo - Sabor a Mí - Trío Los Panchos & Eydie Gorme

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  13. Head1
    Jorge Ben Jor - Mas que nada - Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66

  14. wuwhere Contributor
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  15. wuwhere Contributor
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