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KSC75 Distance from ear

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by aznracerx1989, Dec 12, 2012.
  1. AZNracerx1989
    Has anyone noticed that the KSC75 sounds better with further distance from the ear? When I got the partsexpress headband, it pushed it towards my head more and treble was lost!! The looser clips that were on it allowed them to sound better.

    What can I do to use the headband while keeping the distance from the ear further?
  2. thelostMIDrange
    YES, this was my experience. One of the stock phones coolest qualities is it's airiness and freq balance when using the stock clips. Using even these lightweight bands, puts more pressure on the drivers and hence closer to the ear. The high end, airiness and overall balance suffers. It initially may seem like an improvement, as the sound is a little more 'upront' and close, but the original sound signature is changed. Kudos asianracer for noticing this....BUT there is nothing you can do with the headband to have your cake and eat it too because when you loosen the band to the point where you get the original presentation and treble back, it is so loose that the phones fall off one's head too easy. Stick with the clips. Did you find them uncomfortable? to me they dissappear. The clips are about the most comfortable phone ever to me, even if they look dorky as heck.
  3. AZNracerx1989
    Glad someone else feels the same way! I have been kinda disappointed since I put it on the headband, but everyone on this forum seems to like it. I read another guy didn't like the px200 ear pads either because of took away the airiness that I loved.
  4. tomb
    I'm not sure which headband you're talking about, but if it's the Portapros, the KSC-75's actually have more distance on them between the drivers and the band-attachment point.  That increases the level of compression on your ear with the existing Portapro headband.  Nevertheless, the snap-on attachment points are identical, which is probably why so many people try this.
    I agree - it sounds lousy and ruins the sparkle/airiness of the KSC-75's.
  5. AZNracerx1989
    I just fixed it!!! Just bend the headband so it loosens up a bit. Depending on your head size, you will have to adjust the tension so that you get the best sound. The headphone still stays on well enough.

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