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  Well I've been spending some more time with the HDS2 and they were growing on me somewhat until...just now I thought I'd plug them into my pc to watch some video with and got a really nasty shock in the right side. This is the same thing I get with my ED9, except that one does it on the left side.
Really quite disappointed about it and for now I probably won't bother buying any more KZ. Maybe in the future if they have some new products I'll give them another go. Note this only happens on my pc and laptop. It doesn't occur when using my Note 5 or XDuoo X2. I'm surprised that noone else has experienced this with KZ products, that is assuming I'm not the only one who has plugged them into a computer. This does not happen with my ROCK Zircon, MEE Audio M6 Pro or VE Monk.

Hi again crabdog, please read the following concerning your shock problem:
Static Electricity Discharge through IEM
It is possible to experience a static electricity discharge though IEM.

In a cold climate with low humidity, it is easy to build up a static charge on one's body. The cable that carries the audio signal from the headphone jack to the IEM has metallic wire inside. This wire is also a path to ground through which the static charge can travel. Though one's ears are touching the plastic parts of the IEM, there is metallic wire inside. A static charge often has a high enough voltage to leap from one's ear to the metal inside of the IEM, discharging the static electricity via the cable and into the device playing the audio signal, e.g., CD player or MP3 player. The amount of electrical current in such a static discharge is not harmful, though the discharge itself can startle.

It is important to note that such static discharges are "acts of nature" and do not indicate that one's IEM are defective. Nor will the static discharge cause harm to the IEM.

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Anyone  ever recabled their KZ ATE?
The memory wire drives me INSANE. It tangles if you look at it the wrong way. The only part of these IEMs I hate.
Hoping they will benefit sound-wise from a cable upgrade too.
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Hi again crabdog, please read the following concerning your shock problem:

Thanks for the info but it doesn't seem like a static charge, it's like a constant and makes them impossible to use with my pc. No big deal I'll just use ones that don't do it and keep the others for using with my DAP.
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Posted this in the Chinese/Asian Brand thread. Figured it would be relevant on the KZ thread.

Here we go! ZS1 also included per request from @vegetaleb

Relevant information; I'm a very low volume listener. This test was run straight out of my Asus G73 using this mix primarily. That plus I have many hours on each iem anyway with a variety of other songs, genres, and sources (HTC One M8 and Topping NX1 primarily). That past experience will also be taken into account.

W1 Pro using large UE600 tips. ATE using large silicones very similar to stock, but with softer material. ZN1 Mini using medium UE600 tips. ZS1 using random mushroom-shaped medium silicones.

All four iems are warm sounding, with the W1/ATE being the least warm, ZS1 being most warm.

Everything here is my opinion. I know there will be disagreement. Awesome! That's what a forum is for.

Finally, my ATE is not the stompy bass monster that everyone in the KZ thread seems to have. Every one I've listened to/own (had 4 run through my possession, own 2) has been mostly mid-centric with early roll off on both ends. I've been using the ATE a lot recently and have noticed bass quantity increasing slightly, so there's that. *shrug*. I'm thinking they benefit from a long period of use.

Bass Quantity: ZS1 > ZN1 > W1 > ATE

ZS1 easily takes the cake here. Bass is massive, digs deep, and kicks hard. ZN1 is more mid-bassy and tames down the sub-bass but still has plenty of both. Not a huge fan of the ZN1 since it sounds like a neutered ZS1. W1 is much less bassy with more focus on a nice thumpy low end. ATE is similar, but with less sub-bass.

Bass Quality: W1 > ZN1 > ATE > ZS1

Bass on the W1 is the tightest of the bunch with the most control and a really pleasing texture. It doesn't skimp anywhere either. The ZS1's bass is exceptionally thumpy and deep, giving you an awesome club feel. It is a little too smoothed over though. The ATE's bass is a little anemic in comparison, but it has great texture and is super tight. The ZN1 finds a nice balance between the two, offering up the snappy feeling of the ATE but with more presence.My favorite is the ZS1, even if it isn't the best.

Mids: ATE > W1 > ZN1 = ZS1

The mids of the ATE are glorious. Forward, detailed, smoothed, and in no way veiled. The W1 offers up much of the same, but with a bit less warmth and a touch of crispiness in the upper regions. I find the ZN1 and ZS1 nearly identical here, you just have to turn down the bass on the ZS1 to let their mids shine. All are quite good, but the ATE is a step above.

Treble: ATE > ZN1 > ZS1 > W1

To my surprise, I ended up preferring the ATE here. I found it offered up the most detail and was the cleanest of the bunch. The ZN1 and ZS1 were again very similar, but the ZN1's greater treble energy won out. The W1 wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't as smooth as the others, though detail and clarity were up there with the ATE. I have low tolerance for any splashiness, something KZ has done a good job of cleaning up with recent releases.

Build Quality: ZS1 > W1 > ZN1 > ATE

The W1, like the others, uses plastic for the housings. While the plastic is of lower quality than on the ZN1/ZS1, fit and finish is flawless. The cable is easily the best of the bunch as well; smooth, flexible, lacking memory, and removable. The ZS1 and ZN1 are nigh identical, save for the cable and sharp edges on the ZN1 that the ZS1 is lacking. Personal preference; I like the ZS1's high quality memory wire and normal cable length. The ZN1's cable is exceptionally thick and durable, but very short and not as flexible as the competition. This contributes to a low standing in the next category. The ATE is just fine all around. housing plastic feels a bit cheap, the housing but the gap between the two pieces looks subpar. The cable is typical KZ. Good strain relief, low on memory, but a bit sticky. 

Comfort: ZS1 = ATE, W1, ZN1

My current tips and properly bended memory wire on the ZS1 means they nearly disappear in my ears. I can wear them for hours, no problem. The ATE is pretty much the same, sans memory wire. The W1 I had tons of issues with at first. Once I found the right tips things were greatly improved. Still, wearing them with glasses and a hat can be annoying due to the memory wire (which is vastly superior on the ZS1) and I end up fiddling with fitment consistently. The ZN1.....where do I start? At first I couldn't get them to stay at all. Due to the lack of memory wire the tips I use on the ZS1 didn't work and they kept popping out. The housing also has a sharp edge where the two halves meet and it roughs up my ear. I ca't use the ZN1 on the move, and my source must be very close due to the wire length. Inconvenient...

Overall: ATE > ZS1 > W1 > ZN1

The ATE offers up a nice balance of everything. The "okay" bass presentation and sticky cable aren't issues at all. While the ZS1 isn't really as good as the competition sound wise, it gives me an experience that the others can match, and still put a stupid grin on my face whenever I listen to them. Plus, their comfort is sublime. The W1 offers the most features and is the cheapest of the bunch with the best cable. Sound quality is competitive but are lacking a bit in upper end refinement. Comfort is also so-so. The ZN1 sounds great, but I just can't wear them for any real length of time. I would put them behind the ATE otherwise.

*Sidenote: The ZN1 and ZS1 can be eq'd to sound nigh identical. They are both very receptive to minor adjustments, the ZN1 slightly more so. Good choices if you enjoying messing around with an equalizer.*

Hope someone found this informative and helpful! Thanks for reading

- B9Scrambler
+1 Great job!
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I know this is a KZ thread but can anyone compare the bass quantity and overall sound quality of the Xiaomi Hybrids to the ed9s or 10s?
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  Anyone  ever recabled their KZ ATE?
The memory wire drives me INSANE. It tangles if you look at it the wrong way. The only part of these IEMs I hate.
Hoping they will benefit sound-wise from a cable upgrade too.

Yep! It`s easy job. Here`s my ATE FF-mod with "IE800" cable:

Can`t say it affects SQ but comfort is way better!
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Search pictorial guide how to open ATE in this thread gallery before You start

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Hey, everybody. Come the AliExpress sale tonight, please post here the best sale offers you find. Please!!! 

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  got this message from zenith store...
[color=rgb(51, 51, 51)] Hi My Dear Friend For a long time without your news,I hope everything goes well with you and your family. I am glad to tell you,The Big Sale Day: 29 March is coming,you can visit our Shop,we have add more new Earphones and Headphones on our store. And All Items will be 30% off, the up to 90% Off on 29-3 Mar. So waitting for your coming and Add your favorite Earphone and Headphone to your "Shopping Cart". I am looking forward to service for you Again. This link is a new shop about us, we hope that our cooperation once again. You can click on the link below: OR Search " QKZ " to Find our store !! Welcome to our shop to choose your product and add products to your shopping cart. Best Wishes Anna Kay[/color]
Seems like big sale is coming !!!

Does anyone know if KZ has an official website, or they just sell on third party websites.
Trying to reach someone at their corporate office.
tusharthegamer...... is it possible you can pass on Anna Kay's email address?

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I know this is a KZ thread but can anyone compare the bass quantity and overall sound quality of the Xiaomi Hybrids to the ed9s or 10s?

Those KZ models are better than the hybrids.
I love Xiaomi, but I am extremely disappointed with their hybrids. Very muddy, treble drop off, little detail.
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ED8 is great, but as @Ruben123 mentioned size and weight can be an issue. Wearing them with the cable over-ear definitely helps.
ED3c "The Acme" (the blue/red one) is also good. Really warm, lots of bass, clean mids, relaxed treble with just enough detail and clarity.
ED10 is similar to the ED8 but with slightly less sub-bass and better treble extension. Outputs tight and punchy bass but could be deemed bright without small bore tips. Shape is a little odd, but still very comfy.
ED3c would be my top recommendation if you are averse to treble. ED8 otherwise. They're very under-appreciated.

Well these are my last two KZ's, I must say I prefer the ACME over the EDR2's but neither oust my ED9's! Of course this is just me and my old ears, I mean I've been sitting here listening to my ZN1 Mini's for a few hours on 4 sets of tips and all four pair make the ZN's sound different from muddled bass to boomy bass to my chosen tips that I've gone back to now because they make these iem's sound even across the board
With that said even my best tips can make these Mini's sound congested if over driven


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