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Klipsch X1 (S2) review

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  1. davidcotton

    Originally Posted by Hatmann /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    What exactly did you find the S4 does better than the X10?

    Leaves his wallet slightly less battered [​IMG]
  2. tlau1125
    I just purchased a pair of S2M this weekend to be used with the iPod Touch. I've kept it playing radio (classical and jazz) for the last few days to burn in. My other phones are Alessandro MS1i and Koss PortaPro 2000, and speakers are ProAc Tablette 2000 and PSB 500.

    Compared to the other phones and speakers I listen to, I feel the S2M mid-bass heavy, as if bass boost is turned on. It is sometimes difficult to follow the rhythmic bass section perhaps because it is a bit bloated and slow. It also lacks a bit of air and sparkle. I wish for more detail and clarity in vocal and acoustic music. Piano sound becomes a bit dull, for example. I mainly listen to classical music and acoustic/vocal jazz. Perhaps the S2m is more suitable for other types of music.

    I bought this because I need a pair of relatively inexpensive, comfortable and well-built earphone that isolates noise well while being outdoors, commuting or traveling on a plane. For these purposes, I believe the S2m will serve me well.

    Depending on how much my music-listening shifts to the portable form, I may consider upgrading to better IEMs in the future, but not now.
  3. davidcotton
    Gotta say I've been surprised by these. I've used them far more than the westone 2's that I also bought around the same time. Not saying that these are better but they are just more practical in everyday use for me. A pair of these with some shure olives and they isolate a hell of a lot.

  4. Tautvydas
    Well, these are really something. Comfortable, pretty detail even without any burn in [​IMG]
    After burn-in, muffling mids were quite crispier, clearer. I had no problem with bass and highs.

    Pretty much to say, one of the best IEM's around for this price, glad I bought them [​IMG]
  5. zhens
    Any chance to get a shot of them in the ear?
  6. kjk1281

  7. ljokerl Contributor
    Am I the only one disappointed with these? I wasn't with the majority on the S4 and IMO the S2 is no better. They aren't bad per se but they are very far from the best in their price range. The $20 open box ones on ebay are priced about right. While they are okay for detail and extend fairly far down, they have some of the worst imaging/separation I've ever heard from a ~$50 product. Everything is just all over the place and at the same time very compressed / run-together. I've had them for several months and just can't force myself to use them long enough to write up a full review. They are quite smooth but as a result of that and the lack of air a bit ponderous and boring. The lack of sparkle and somewhat rolled-off treble doesn't help, either. Basically, they just put me to sleep before I can jot down my thought on them in a coherent form. 
    Not trying to start an argument with anyone in this thread but it's not an appreciation thread so I don't have to be positive [​IMG]. Just think potential buyers should be aware that these may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread. 
  8. tlau1125
    As you see from my earlier post I agree with your assessment on the sound quality.  I would like to add that it also suffers from microphonics and wind noise (just walking inside the house is enough to induce wind noise).  This is my first pair of IEMs so I have no reference to say if this phone is worse than similar priced products on these two issues.  I'll pay more attention to these characteristics when I am ready to upgrade.
    Given my goal was to get a pair of comfortable IEMs with microphone, good seal, decent sound and good warranty the S2M is acceptable.
  9. archercat
    needing some cash... I sold my Triples... I had some best buy gift cards laying around and picked these up for 10 bucks out of my pocket.  I am pretty impressed... I have to use the large ear gels for some reason, but if I do the ear lobe tug I can get these implanted pretty deep, LOL!  I had some s4's a while back, and from what I remember they had a bit more bass and the treble was a bit "harsh" as some would say...  I kind of miss the treble...  All and all pretty decent for even the asking price of about $50 US.  They blow my e2c's out of the water at least.  The y junction is pretty far down the cord for aome reason...  dunno why it bothers me, but its weird I think...
  10. sithu04
    This is good but ultimate ears metrofi 170 (12pounds at play.com now) performs same with half of X1 price. I have superfi4 as well. Compared to superfi 4, the difference in clarity is so much difference. Superfi4 with customer driver is now selling at 29pounds at play.com as well. Klipsch is good in terms of bass but UE is better in clarity.
  11. rahilb
    thanks guys, I ordered a pair of these today to use while commuting instead of my bose triport AE or my sr80s. I'll give some of my (admittedly novice) impressions when they arrive. 
  12. Deckard1979
    Just picked up a pair of these (X1s) from Amazon for £17 inc. delivery.
    Initial impressions are fair.  I believe that, for this price, sound quality is good.  There's a bit of an emphasis on the bass and mids - the high trebles aren't great, but acceptable.
    I bought these to replace my Vivanco Aircoustic in Beech Wood, which I picked up on a whim at the start of December as they'd been selling for £9.99 delivered on Amazon.  My Vivancos absolutely blew me away for the price - I could not quite believe how good they sounded.  Unfortunately however, they are now close to perishing after just a few months.
    The Klipsch's aren't as good as the Vivanco's.  They do, however, sound a bit better than the Sennheiser CX-200s (which also aren't bad, but a bit fatiguing and too bass-heavy to my ears).
    In summary - a pretty good buy, quite cheap, but if you look around and see those Vivanco Aircoustics for a tenner again... grab those instead.
  13. andyj34
    Just got these and I'm truly disappointed for the price of £18 from Amazon.
    First off I must say they are very comfortable and aren't very intrusive into the ear canal, though IMO they tend to rub ever so slightly against your ear canal using the supplied silcon pads, which can slight discomforting initially.
    Mid-range and treble are okay but the bass is almost non-existent. Like are IEM 'phone, a good seal is critical for bass. No matter which silicon pad the bass in my opinion is very lightweight.
    When comparing the Klipsch X1 earphone to my other IEM being the Shure SE-110 which has good bass (for its size and price) and has superb noise-isolation, the Klipsch X1 earphones is a disappointment at best; it has neither the bass or decent noise-isolation as promised on the packaging.
    I've just ordered a comply foam tips in the hope they will remedy the lack of bass and improve noise isolation otherwise I'll be donating them as a Christmas gift
  14. andyj34
    Having received my Comply tips from Amazon, the sound quality for the Klipsch X1 has improved for the better. The bass is now present, not deep but certainly there where it's needed. Treble and mid-range remain unaffected, which is all good and the noise isolation has improved for the better though still a pale comparison to the Shure SE-110.
    I'd recommend them as a step-up from the standard ear-phones that are supplied as standard with many audio players ONLY when using the comply tips.
    Otherwise I'd recommend you save your pennies for a better purchase such as the Sennheiser CX-300 or if you budget can stretch the Shure SE-215.
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