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Klipsch s4 problem

  1. Sexmajonez
    My s4 just broke. Any ideas how open them? Mayby somebody allready done it?
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    S4 was released back in March 2009 or so, so that makes it just about 2 years-old and there is a good chance your is still under warranty (which is 2 years). Why not contact Klipsch and has it replaced?
  3. Sexmajonez
    The problem is that i've lost my warranty.
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    No harming in asking, gives it a try anyway and call the customer service. Might save you a lot of trouble and some money.
  5. Sexmajonez
    The answer was negative. Anybody knows how to open them?
  6. Rmccullo
    that's not cool. Considering they're not even 2 years old, and have a 2-year warranty, they should help you out.
  7. CircaV12
    I recabled mine last month, use a heat gun to warm the glue up and you can pry the casing right apart
  8. Sexmajonez
    Huge thanks! thats what i needed. As i don't have a heat gun i used a hair dryer and it worked very nice.
  9. CircaV12
    glad I could help, the whole thing was much easier than i thought it would be!

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