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Klipsch Image X10 (Amazon)

  1. davidsdiego
    Has anyone bought the Klipsch Image X10 from Amazon recently? They are still on sale for $90. I believe sound is subjective and it probably wouldn't help me to ask. Does anyone know how durable the X10s are for home use? Do they seem worth the money?
    My first and last expensive pairs of in ear headphones were from Bose. I'm not sure what I was thinking, although I probably chose Bose due to mass marketing, via magazines, in the '90s.
    My current headphones are: Grado SR225i, B&W P5, and Palm Pre headphones. I usually use my iBasso Audio D-Zero headphone amp or my JVC FS-7000 headphone jack. I also use my first generation iPhone or my iPod 5G as a music player.
    You guys gave me great advice on Grados and I still enjoy my SR225is.
  2. pacman46
    I Hope you enjoy your new purchase :) I have a pair of the x10i's and I think did the actual retail price of I think 350 is way too much for them ..I think they sound good ..not great ..my opion of course ..specially since I think the cable on them are really thin..they seem to be standing the test of time so far..but for the price you paid for them I think that's deffently worth it. :)
  3. djvkool
    Durability aside, X10 is definitely a steal at $90
  4. pacman46
    I got mine from someone that was a warranty replacement so was basically brand new for 120.00 and I thought that was a great deal..your rite ..for 90.00 bucks its deffently a steal ..
  5. davidsdiego
    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm looking into buying them. I keep seeing them compared to Etymotic and I know one type of headphones can't meet all expectations. 
    Have you compared them to a similar one? They do seem flimsy and I assuming they go deep inside your ear canal, like military issued hearing protection.
  6. pacman46
    No the etymotic are more flat sounding with really flat bass ..you will hear lots of detail with either the er4/s/p ..or the hf5..cold analytical sounding ..if you like some warm bass sound with your music they won't be for you ..the klipsch are more fun with pretty good bass impact..and without clouding the mids or treble ..they will make pretty much all types of music sound good..if you wear them with a Shallow inversion then they will have less bass and be kinda balanced ..if you can wear them really deep they will be not as balanced with allot more bass impact..I like them..they are not my favorite but I like them..IM listening to my ortofon eq5 rite now and they sound amazing ..your getting those klipsch for a great price..but when they are the normal price they are Like 350 ..the ortofons are 300 and I think sound allot better then the klipsch ..just my thoughts :)
  7. davidsdiego
    Thanks, I appreciate your insight! How did you hear about the Ortofon EQ5? Just curious...
  8. pacman46
    From a headphone shop in Toronto..the guy let me listen to a pair a few months ago..I bought these from actually the same person I bought my klipschs from..I bought them from him for 60 bucks..best deal I every got considering they are like new...I love them..probably my favorite out of all the ones I have..and I have a few to say the least lol very expensive habit lol.
  9. davidsdiego
    That's cool to have the option to try them in person! I am considering the X10s for the most return on investment. 
  10. pacman46
    You'll like them..and at that price..that's awesome..
    davidsdiego likes this.
  11. davidsdiego
    I appreciate the info, thanks again!
  12. davidsdiego
    I appreciate the info, thanks again!
  13. pacman46
    No problem buddy :)

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