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Klipsch Image S4 & Cowon J3 The perfect EQ?

  1. NostalgicSound
    I am having difficulties setting up my S4's and my Cowon J3.. I cant exactly get the sound i want. i am new to the whole JetEffect 3.0 Equalizer. since i am a former user of the iPod. I listen to mainly just Alt. Rock, Metal, Punk etc. Im trying to get a really balanced sound. I want to be able to hear every instrument clearly. From the bass to the vocals. Its hard since something always seems overpowering. i.e The bass is very strong and you cant really hear its tone, while the treble sounds good. Or the instrumental part sounds really balanced but the vocals are lacking. I am really new to the Cowon j3 and I don't really understand the purposes of the BBE and the MP enhance, 3D etc. Help!
  2. Redmetal1897
    Honestly the best way to do it is to just experiment [​IMG]
     In terms of what the effects themselves do, taken from wiki:
    The first BBE enhancement is simply called "BBE". It is designed to add clarity and more pronounced highs, which is claimed to produce no audible processing side-effects. It also increases the prominence of vocals relative to amplified instruments.

    The second, "Mach3Bass" is intended to increase the bass, while avoiding the "boomy" sound low-quality equalization often imparts on music.

    The third enhancement is "MP Enhance". It is an algorithm designed to compensate for the artifacts introduced by MP3WMA and others. It extrapolates the upper range (treble frequency) of the files and attempts to restore stereo separation lost during some types of compression. It also attempts to regenerate harmonics that were lost during the encoding process and boost those that were weakened.

    The fourth and final BBE effect is called "3D Surround" (this version is old, the newer version is BBE ViVa, but it is not implemented on iAUDIO players). It creates a seemingly larger sound stage, to impart a "surround sound feel."



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