Killer Combinations
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Feb 5, 2016
Special combinations of headphones to DAPs; This thread is about a particular headphone combined with a DAP which creates a special result. Do you have any?

Cayin N5 with Sony XBA-4 ; A gold effect of a crystalline elixir sound result. Bright and fat.

AK320 and Shure 846 ; Clear and bright sophisticated delicious expensive tidy sound.

AK320 and Earsonics SEM6 ; An ideal sound effect defined by CD Deck spacey result

AK380 and Westone W80 ; magnificent superior hifi sound type satisfaction which just rolls in.

Cowon plenue D and Sennheiser IE800 ; Bloated sub bass sound speciality which is delectable.

Cowon A5 and Sony Z5 ; unbelievable magic bass effect that's so delicious.

Cowon Z2 and Beyerdynamic Xelento; Amazing satisfying diamond elixir like strong sound effect.

Shozy Alien and Westone W80 ; almost perfect science fiction sound result.

Ibasso DX100 and Earsonics SEM6 ; very satisfying big dreamy sound.

Cowon plenue 1 and Sennheiser IE800 or Earsonics SEM6 ; Wow. Organic amber elixir sound of a Tape type sound.

Sony ZX2 and Westone W80 ; beautiful generic sound like hifi system of vinyl.

Cowon D3 and Sennheiser IE800 ; extensive organic thick sound that is so satisfying.

Cowon X7 and Sennheiser IE8 or IE80; Delicious magic fat bass of a spacey extension.

Cowon Z2 and Shure 846; very satisfying neat fat toy-like sound of sophistication.
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I’ve been very curious about the Shozy Alien and Lotoo Pico for a while now

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