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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
    Hi all,

    Here the new youtube video made by William Murdock this time for the New Vali 2019.

    From what I understand, the new Vali is not much lighter than the old Vali (520 g versus 540 g?) but would be (much) more comfortable to wear thanks to its larger pads dimensions (leaving more room for the ears) and its lower clamping, not to mention its self-adaptability to all forms of heads, without sharp adjustment of the arch, as with the old Vali. (Note: the flexibility of this new headband allows a certain degree of horizontal rotation of the pads, in spite of the lack of apparent axis in this direction).
    The soundstage of the new Vali would be a little wider (with a sound a little more open?) than the old Vali; oddly enough, the new Vali would be a little less level in bass than the old Vali (while the curves seen from measurements of the FR would show the opposite), with bass also a little less striking than those of the former Vali; the midds would be very close to the old Vali, creamy, beautiful; highs are a little attenuated (roll-off) as with the old Vali, without making the headphone dark; in any case it is not bright. The new Vali is pretty detailed, but not too much ...
    A more complete review of the new Vali will be done in the coming weeks, by the same author.
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  2. eric65
    Good morning all.

    For information.

    This is not an earphones (in-ear monitor (IEM)) manufactured by Kennerton, but by Kennerton's former chief engineer, Max; a very competent audio engineer, because one of the fathers of the now famous Russian planar headphones, the Kennerton Odin, Thridi, Thror and Thekk headphones (the Pro version of Thror).
    Max is now the co-founder of a new company called dopeaudio.pro, but keeps friendly relations with Kennerton: he has just released a new earphones (IEM) in technology planar, very promising which we can see some images, here https://www.instagram.com/max_audiomaster/ , and follow the forum of (Russian) discussion here http://player.ru/showthread.php?t=236643&page=5&p=2908898&viewfull=1#post2908898 .


    Specifications of this earphones (IEM):
    Planar magnetic transducer
    Closed-back enclosure
    Single-sided magnetic system
    NdFeB N50 magnets
    9 mm diaphragm
    1 µ diaphragm thickness
    Rated Power: 30 mW
    8 Hz to 50 kHz FR
    21 Ohm impedance (±1 Ohm)
    SPL: 96 dB @ 1 KHz
    THD: less than 0.1% @ 100 dB

    This would be one of the best IEMs on the market; but beware, this earphones would be very demanding in terms of amplification (sensitivity effective between 93 and 96 dB / mW depending on the frequency ; the better the amp (powerful and qualitative) is, the better the sound is ; you are warned ...

    Let's hope for a great future for Max and his new baby! :)
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  3. ithilienrp

    Oh. Wow. I will definitely pay him a visit someday, and will mention you, Eric!
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  4. eric65
    Great. :)

    Pierre is a charming man, but also formidable to make you love exceptional audio material, often out of the ordinary.

    Coming with your wife will be better (more cautious for your finances) to remind you that you also have a family to feed before signing a check for a new headphone or amp, as wonderful as it is! :beyersmile:
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  5. eric65
    Hi Dave.

    An info for you.

    Pierre Paya, the new importer of Kennerton products in Thailand, will be sharing the booth at the upcoming High End Hifi Show in Bangkok with Valentin Kazanzhi, Kennerton's CEO.


    Source: https://musique-o-casque.com/viewtopic.php?p=3999#p3999
  6. eric65
    Good morning all.

    Regarding the many wood finishes Kennerton offered for its headphones, I think Kennerton found his way by offering such a variety of wood species for his headphones.

    ZMF also follows this same path, also offering beautiful wood species, various, very appreciated by its afficionados.

    Wood is a noble material and has a history (that which has been its slow growth as a tree); history that leaves "traces", clearly visible in the form of varied textures, sometimes complex, and rings of wood growth clearly visible, often highlighted by the finish of the wood (polishing, varnishing, see technique of stabilization of the wood ).

    In addition, Kennerton has a "sound", which is often different from others (as with the Vali and Odin, for example) and which often pleases by its typicity and its living and pleasant character. Thridi, Thror, Thekk, new Vali and new Odin, are variations of this "sound", according to the taste of the day, for a sound "more neutral" or on the contrary more pronounced.

    Otherwise, I answer general questions for all those who would look for:
    The sound of the Vali, but with a more comfortable headband.
    The sound of the Odin (or Thridi, fairly close to the Odin), but with a more comfortable headband
    The sound of Thror, but with a more comfortable headband.

    My answers in the order of these questions: the new Vali 2019; the new Odin 2019, and the Thekk! : P

    In addition, all these new Kennerton headphones offer the same diversity of wood species that was previously offered for the previous generation of Kennerton headphones that uses the old headband, more original, but also a little heavier, stiffer , less friendly, and more hard to wear, especially if badly adjusted!

    Good commemorative day of November 11 (in France) of all veterans.
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  7. Milan01
    Hello everyone,

    Some pictures of CanJam in Shanghai :)
    I find them beautiful !






    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  8. eric65
    Many thanks Milan for these beautiful pictures taken on this CanJam Shanghai 2019 show with the Kennerton Thror and the Kennerton Vali headphones associated with prestigious electronics:

    Shanghai Canjam Show - Kennerton with Hiend Panda, 9-10 Nov 2019

    Trafomatic Audio: Primavera SE amp + Kennerton Thror




    Nagra DSD Source


    Trafomatic Audio: Head 2 amp + Kennerton Vali



    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  9. isquirrel
    I have ordered a Kennerton Thror. The wood I wanted turned out to have been lent to a Finish film crew and had not returned.

    This was the original wood I ordered:

  10. isquirrel
    Vladimir was very kind and offered me three different wood versions. I chose this one:

    IMG_1663.jpeg IMG_1667.jpeg
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  11. isquirrel
    I am lucky enough to have the Abyss and Susvara it will be an interesting comparison between the three TOTL contendors:

    Abyss TC
    Kennerton Thror

    This is a photo of my system. I have a Taiko Extreme arriving tomorrow:

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  12. eric65
    Very impressive system !


    Superb Thror; you will have completed your collection of TOTL headphones. :)

    Another flavor for the sound, with a superb medium, natural, and a new color for the wood that does not have your other headphones!
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  13. eric65
  14. eric65
    Original post, by Tyll Hertsens on Innerfidelity.

    Title: "The Effect of Glasses on Headphone Frequency Response"


    Kennerton Magni is much more sensitive than Kennerton Thror for the roll off in the bass, when the sealing of the pads is compromised, such as when wearing glasses, especially with the Magni's short pads, perhaps less sealing than the long pads (stock) which therefore provide more level in the basses due to a better seal.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  15. oqvist
    What are the short pads? They are not listed on kennerton or fischeraudios homepage?
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