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Keces vs Sbooster, best power supply?

  1. Baten
    As title says, I'm contemplating between getting a Keces Audio P8 LPS or an Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO (apparently a MKII version has released in July//this month).

    Both are respectable companies with favorable reviews and well established over the years. The Sbooster is more compact and can just lay below my desk, the Keces is yet another box to stack among the rest, but it does come with a 5V USB port as well which I can use as well as power "overload" whenever necessary, and a LED screen showing current power draw which is pretty cool I guess.

    Price is Keces €578 vs Sbooster €329(€419 with the "ultra" filter whatever that does..)

    Thanks in advance for any input guys!
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  2. redkingjoe

    I’m also looking for the best power supply possible for my discman.

    I have got a ifi ipower just a few days ago and the sound improve so significantly over the original one. The ipower is so inexpensive (50 us$) and extremely portable!

    In addition to keceses and sboosters, I read on line there are a few brands recommendations! So I attach a screenshot for your consideration!

    Also I read that there’s teradak from China! I saw the pic on teradak! The hefty materials used with the cheap asking price is extremely amazing!
  3. redkingjoe

    The above are some comments on other brands too.

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