Kansas City Area.... and Surrounding, Sept. 13th at Primus Audio
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Ok I found out that I have a wedding on the 6th of Sept. and also that is Labor Day Weekend. What about the 13th. If this sounds ok we will schedule it. Who-ever makes it, makes it.

That's cool. No worries, as I've been down a couple of times for that meet.

If I had more paid time off, I would make it. Unfortunately, I needed to use the majority of my PTO to move in to my house.

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Has a decision been made on the date yet?
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Hey guys This is Zack from Primus Audio Just wanted to let you know that the meet is happening tomorrow and here are general directions to get to the store.

Map of 715 May St Ste 100 Kansas City, MO by MapQuest

As you can see we from the map we are very close to highways 70 & 35 so making it there should be a straight shot for most of you.

here is a google maps picture for the intersection it is in the red brick building to the left

715 may st. #100 64105 - Google Maps

I hope see everyone in the area attend tomorrow. Thanks - Zack
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I am making some chili and bringing some cookies. Zach said that beverages including adult ones are cool. Anything else that someone would like to bring that is fine.

If any one has some friends that would be interested in coming, bring them along. The nice thing about this event is Primus Audio is a large store. There will be a quiet rooms for listening and if you want to mingle there is the main halls and lobby. I think that we have came up with setting up some home audio gear to fool around with as well towards the end.

See every one around noon. Until then Happy Listening.


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