K702's and an Amp
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I use the CIAudio VHP-2 and VAC-1 psu with my K702's. I am reasonably happy wiht the combination, but as always, wonder of there is something more...

Any thoughts on the next step up in solid state? Am thinking the Einar VC_01i or the Audio GD Roc
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I have ordered a Burson HA-160 to team my AKG. I think the K702 needs something powerful and based on my research the Burson is up for the task.
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Thanks guys, please tell us your reactions after you've gotten used to your new amps.
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i'll post some initial reactions, since i just listened to the caliente / k702 for about an hour.

this is going to be a very good pairing, i think.
the woo audio wa6 i've been listening to sweetens the bass somewhat. which sounds great with some cans, but wreaks havoc on the akgs. as they have an overly tight bass presentation (some say bass light).

but, my guess is the solid state amps like the caliente give a quicker, deeper bass response. which helps fill in the punch that is so needed with the k702s. and, to make things even better, the caliente has a somewhat warmer sound than the average solid state.

hence why i bought. it

the caliente is lighter than i thought it would be. the power supply is a wall wart, which i knew... but somehow i was expecting a hulk of aluminum. but, ha, nope. it's even lighter than my tiny EF2A.

so far, my initial take is that it has even power throughout the volume knob. and i love that it doesn't have too much gain (5 or 6 dB i think?). it doesn't start getting loud until 10 o'clock or so, and isn't ear crushing loud until 2 or 3 o'clock. that's lots of usable attenuation there!

i don't know if it has enough juice for my 600 ohm beyers yet. i haven't listened. but, i sort of doubt it... that won't be a problem, as i have the woo to pair them with...
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Originally Posted by gonzalo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
the head direcy EF-1 is a very good hybrid amp for my k701, sometimes you can find it on the for sale forum for about 200 dollars and some tubes, try it ¡¡¡

Is it? I'm using that combo myself (with the Tung Sol Black Glass) and while I DO like it, I'm not sure if I love it (guess I don't then lol). I could be satisfied with it if I wasn't such an audiophile nut, but:

The 702's sound a bit hazy/murky and distant and don't ever really "shine" with it. They sound great, but not "sweet" or "oh, this is it!". A little bland and the volume needs to be up to get more excitement.

In comparison my 225i's are much more exciting and forward and sound good at lower volume levels (and reach higher ones much quicker than the 702's). However, I haven't been listening to them much since the 702's just kill them in terms of sound stage (depth especially), accuracy, and detail and I like those traits first and foremost.

I wish my EF-1 could make the 702's a little more exciting, forward, or not as thin or anemic sounding (I do like the bass with the 702's btw, and I don't like all the fake mid-range bass bloat and coloration of the 225i's however).

It's very complicated, but it comes down to I think the 702's just need more power. This was my initial reaction plugging them in when I first got them, and I've learned to trust my initial reactions with audio components/sound as though "burn in" may make you more used to a trait of the sound/components over time, it's still going to be there later on, and if you don't happen to like it, then it will continue to bother you until you fix it.

Wuss: Caliente what? What's the price range? SS? (Yea I'll look it up lol).

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