JVC HAFX33 w/ E2c sleeves (a.k.a. "s'mores")
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 28, 2005
London, UK
Some may call them marshmallows, but I've retrofitted mine with Shure E2c flex sleeves... so... s'mores they now be.

Anyway, when I first got these things I was fairly impressed with the quality/price ratio, like many here. But recently, I stopped using both the eq presets that I use for my PX-100's (more treble!) and MS-1's (not much, really... just bringing the mids back a tad), and spent some time making one for the Marshmallows themselves.

Well, I'm listening to them at the café right now, piped through Foobar and my Leckerton UHA-3 amp. And you know what? I'm even more impressed with these little guys! Deep bass, and very clear mids; and they yield quite good improvements when amped, surprisingly.

Give 'em a chance if you haven't yet. Do the Kramer mod, and get yourself a pair of properly-fitting Shure E2c sleeves. These things are way too muddy unless you do the Kramer mod, and utterly useless if you don't have a good seal. Once it's all in place, though, just sit back and enjoy! Best $10 I've ever spent in this wallet-whoring hobby...

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