JVC-HAFX300 in the house
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I agree with you that the FX300 isn't going to win any awards, on the flip side, i find it pleasant enough for the price (15pc of the IE8 retail price or there abouts)...

I definitely prefer the wood diaphragm of the FX500 over the metal ones in the FX300, that is for sure
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My old review of them is gone. I did like them better back then but with the improvements in earphones as of late they just don't hold up too well anymore. They are just starting showing their age. I ordered mine at the end of 2007.

I remember being skeptical of the FX500/1000 since it had the same specs but the reviews came to be the FX500 is in another league.
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Originally Posted by midget /img/forum/go_quote.gif
personally i found fx300 more comfortable than the marshmallow, the fx300 just doesnt require me to shove them into my ear canal as the marshmallows did because a good part of the fx300 stays outside. i realize this doesnt make much sense, but thats my opinion.

Are you using old tips for the marshmallows or something? I know that as they get old the foam hardens and it can get uncomfortable, but I can't imagine how anyone could think brand new soft foam tips could be uncomfortable.

Anyways, I'm more concerned with the isolation. If these don't go as far in as the marshmallows, I'm assuming the don't isolate as much? The only thing I use IEMs for are for commuting, and if they don't isolate as well that's a deal-breaker.
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I only had the CX95 but I thought the FX300 was entry level. Better than the PL30 but worse than the CX95. I guess it is worth the $50 it goes for now but I can name 5 better for $50 and under. They separate and layer out bass and vocals quite well. A one trick pony as it lacked extension, detail, speed, soundstage, etc. In a word everything else was just okay. A decent back-up maybe.

I did ditch the stock tips and thought I got them to sound their best. They are well made but the cable does harden around the ear.

I would recommend Mark skip them seeing as what he has had/heard. Save the money for something else.

well im currently planning to skip them, that said if i saw them going at a bargain price i might grab a set. i find it hard to resist a bargain price on anything interesting

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