JVC-HAFX300 in the house
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Jun 26, 2001
Well, Amazon were their normal speedy selves, and my new FX300 pitched up just before 9am this morning (along with a pack of Comply T400s)...

I am burning them in right now, and will do the inevitable comparison between these and the FX500 / Sennheiser IE8 in time...

First impressions (with only 1hr of burn in) is that they are a half way house between the IE8 and FX500... but, it is far too early to be decisive...

...I'll update as I go...
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Originally Posted by mark2410 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
you realise you are not allowed to start another craze with these

lol Mark...

You will be pleased to know that I do not consider that these will be a FOTM anytime soon...

These only have about 5hrs on them, so - as mentioned in my first post, nothing objective going to come from me yet... however, I can say that, in their unburnt in state, that they do not have the same ability as their bigger brother to open up everything before you, with more complex music seemingly tripping them up...

...Overall tone isn't bad, warmer than the FX500, with far less of an extended treble...

...Time will tell, but - to my ears, at this early stage, they may offer good value for money at their price point, but - they probably will not lead the pack at this price point...

Burn-in could change that opinion though
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in the US they can be had for $50, though they didnt impress me much when i owned them, and yes i burned them in for quite a while. eventually i removed the filter in front of the nozzle but the treble was still a bit too recessed for my liking. will be interested to see other peoples' impressions. they are quite well-built and good-looking i must admit. my pair were bronze.
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Could you please tell me how the isolation is compared to the JVC Marshmallows? From my experience, all of JVC's headphones are insanely comfortable, and if these isolate better than marshmallows(difficult to imagine, since they use silicon tips), I might consider getting them.
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sorry yourstruly, but I don't have the marshmallow to compare
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personally i found fx300 more comfortable than the marshmallow, the fx300 just doesnt require me to shove them into my ear canal as the marshmallows did because a good part of the fx300 stays outside. i realize this doesnt make much sense, but thats my opinion.
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yeah but id never have to listen to them if they were crap, actually the only reason they have never been bought long ago is that they cost twice here what they do in the us. well back when the exchange rate was £1 = us$2

either way still $50 or £50 so on point of principle i woudlnt buy it, £1 does not equal us$1 and any company that wants to charge me so can go feck itself
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indeed, that is a fecking lot to pay. i was privileged to live in japan last year - with a very rapidly changing street price for phones and many many sales outlets, japanese products can be had for very good prices, but foreign models are expensive. imagine if the w3 was average of 500$ and the um3x about the same. those are the good end of price problem.

while not as bad as in the uk, surprising to say the least. the atrio m5 even was nearly 300$ last year!
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Originally Posted by mark2410 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
is it wrong to want these just because they look so pretty?

Not at all...

A few more hours in, and I compared them to the IE8... Interesting... I really need to know if any other head fiers have both IEMs... My impressions, or results if you'd like are interesting, but before I go public, I want a second opinion to make sure i'm not hearing things (pun intended lol)
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I only had the CX95 but I thought the FX300 was entry level. Better than the PL30 but worse than the CX95. I guess it is worth the $50 it goes for now but I can name 5 better for $50 and under. They separate and layer out bass and vocals quite well. A one trick pony as it lacked extension, detail, speed, soundstage, etc. In a word everything else was just okay. A decent back-up maybe.

I did ditch the stock tips and thought I got them to sound their best. They are well made but the cable does harden around the ear.

I would recommend Mark skip them seeing as what he has had/heard. Save the money for something else.

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