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JUST want to know how can i buy the Se5way in America?Fan of IEMs

  1. caolizhen
    I already have the ultimate ear personal reference monitor and future sonic mg6pro,and i still want to have a gear of top-end iem,just for my monitor work and self-entertainment.
    but it is hard to know the sound signature without any universal fit to hear,even though it has,i still have inquiries and critique of whether it sounds exact the same to me because of huge differences i get from the custom fit and the universal fit with ueprm and mg6pro.
    so my questions are,how to buy the se5way and the comparison with Fit-ear 335
  2. caolizhen
  3. Mimouille
    I own the SE-5 way and just tried the 335 very briefly in demo. The SE-5 is just on the warm side of neutral while the 335 is much warmer, with thicker mids and more boosted bass. The SE-5 seems to be more balanced while the 335 is more colored (with a very nice coloration though).
    If you are in the United States, the only way to buy the SE-5 is to have a friend a Europe. You can send your impression directly to Grzegorz in Poland and then he will send the SE-5 (if your ears are big enough for them) to your friend in Europe who can send them to you. There is no other as Spiral Ear does not ship outside of Europe.
    For Fitear 335 or other Fitear CIEMs, you can only get them in Japan or in a country in Asia which has a Jaben store.
  4. caolizhen
    Thank you so much! 
    I think both 335 and SE5way are the top-end monitors in the world,your impression as well as the description really help me out of the dilemma. Se5way may be the best choice for me cause balance is what i want.
  5. Nichief
    If you haven't already made your purchase/made an acquaintance in Europe you can use a Mail forwarding service such as https://www.forward2me.com And just send the monitors there. Hope this helps!

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