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Just got a sound card, recommend me cool things to do with it.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gyeg69, Feb 13, 2013.
  1. Gyeg69
    A friend of mine gave me a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy platinum eX. I couldn't get the external drive to work I don't know why, I think I plugged everything in right. I actually don't really know what it does if any of you guys know can you please enlighten me?
    Anyways, I have Grado sr80i's and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speakers. So far their is a noticeable difference when listening to music through the speakers and with the headphones. I usually listen to the headphones through the speakers because I think they are pre-amped.
    Do you guys have any recommendation for me to try out so I can see what this sound card can do?
    this is the sound card and external module:
  2. Bagheera
    Man that is an old card... I am surprised it still works; Creative got a lot of stink for not providing good support for even the X-Fi series under Windows 7.
    Anyway, I really am not sure what you are trying to ask...  For most lower-end, consumer-grade headphones, a modern computer sound card is more than capable of driving them to their full-potential, or close to it anyway. Unless you have headphones that are high impedance and hard to drive, just plug into your computer sound card and enjoy.
    I would recommend plugging your headphones into the headphone port on speakers, though - it's an additional component in the signal chain and a lot of those volume control pods on speaker systems aren't very well-made. Could negatively impact your headphones' sound quality (though cheap headphones probably won't render any audible difference).
  3. Gyeg69
    The driver installation was a pain in the ass and took forever. It took me a while to find out which card was mine (forgot to get the serial number before installing) and I ended up installing the driver for the wrong card. Luckly, when I actually found out my cards name it was the exact same driver. I was surprised that it was better than my on board sound card.
    I guess my main question is what does the external module do besides give me a bunch of connections?
  4. Bagheera

    It does exactly that. Give you a bunch of easy connections so you don't have to keep going behind your computer to plug things in.
  5. Gyeg69
    damn haha, I was hoping for a little more.
  6. Caessa
    Geez, you have an Audigy that still works? Put it in a museum =P
  7. Bagheera
    That's what I wanted to say, but I didn't want to be mean. xD
    If you are running Windows 7, the SoundBlaster X-Fi is a good and cheap PC sound card for gaming and music-listening alike (just make sure you avoid the XtremeAudio edition - that particular model is a re-branded Audigy and doesn't deserve the X-Fi badge).
    The X-Fi has issues with Windows 8, however. If you don't game much, the Asus Xonar series are good sound cards for music. Otherwise, if you have a lot of dough, I hear the new SoundBlaster Z series is good. Do NOT get the SoundBlaster Recon3D series; those are crap.
  8. Caessa
    Aw, I wasn't trying to be mean.  Though I guess the Audigy is only one step behind the X-Fi series, which is just now finishing running its course.  I still remember my first Sound Blaster Live! card.
  9. BetaWolf
    Erm, they still sell Audigy brand new. 
    <EDIT> Whoops, I accidentally the whole quote.
  10. Caessa
    That's a stripped down, half-size version that was overproduced to the point where you can still find it new from retailers.  That doesn't mean it isn't 12 years old.
  11. Bagheera
    In terms of gaming features the Audigy simply cannot compare to the X-Fi. Of course, if you don't game, there are better sound cards than Sound Blasters for price/sound quality ratio.  The only reason to get any Creative card is for the EAX.
    X-Fi does have better sound quality than Audigy, either way.
  12. Gyeg69
    Yeah I didn't realize how old this card was until I found the link in the op. Its working pretty great and their no bloat ware with it.
    I'm pretty happy.

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