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Just Bought The Diddy Beats

  1. xmarks08
    Bought the diddy beats in-ear headphones today at for $149 (yes they are overpriced). I've only been listening to them for a few hours, but I am actually quite IMPRESSED! I was quite skeptical after purchasing the Solos and Solo HDs and returning them finding the SQ horrible. So far my initial impressions are:
    1. Get it out of the way now, the looks. They look great (in my opinion). 
    2. The sound quality, suprisingly. Decent bass without it overpowering everything else.
    3. As one would expect, they sound great with hip-hop, pop, etc.
    4. Pretty good highs.
    1. Right now they sound a little muddy with rock, but not that bad at all (especially compared to previous beats models). I'm hoping once they burn in they will sound even better. (not a huge deal to me because I listen to mostly 80s and 90s hip-hop)
    2. The price. They clearly aren't worth 150 dollars, more around seventy. But with looks being important to myself, I find no issue with spending 150 (just my opinion).
    3. While neither are excellent or horrible, they seem to have better highs than lows.
    As you can probably tell, I'm not an audiophile. Just my general impressions after a few hours. I'll let you guys know after a couple days of burn in!
  2. Young Spade
    Thanks for the quick update. Care to post some pictures for us to see? 
  3. xmarks08
    DSCN0078.jpg DSCN0079.jpg DSCN0080.jpg DSCN0081.jpg DSCN0084.jpg
    Final Impressions after about 40-50 hours of burn in:
    First I'll go over the pictures quick
    The case in picture 2 is pretty much useless. It a soft black felt that closes with a magnet. It holds your headphones but I wouldn't use it to protect them.
    The buds themselves are made out of aluminum with (supposedly) real leather wrapped around it.
    The amount of earbuds they give you is great. You gotta have some pretty weird ears for not one of them to fit you correctly. It took me a couple minutes to try all of them out, but I eventually found a great fit.
    The control talk is great. I don't use them with a phone, but I do use them with a ipod classic 6g. It works great. press the center button once to pause, twice to move forward a track, and three times to go back a track. There are also + and - buttons to increase or decrease the volume.
    They feel well put together, I don't think I will have a durability problem.
    I got the white because I like white,and I want them to stand out. (I do live in Jersey right) ha ha ha
    There is also black available if you want a more traditionally looking headphone, but the shiny aluminum still makes them pop.
    There is also pink if you wish to buy some for one of your lady friends. (or if you want pink headphones i guess)
    The colors I am referring too are the cable, control talk, and the non silver parts of the headphone you see in the picture.
    One thing that isn't in the picture is that the headphone jack is L-shaped. I know thats important to some ppl.
    Onto sound quality:
    When I first pulled them outta the box and started listening to them, they sounded a bit muddy with rock.
    But after I burned them in they sound great. They manage to give great bass when listening to hip hop, but I'm still able to listen to everything from Blink 182 to Ozzy and not have the bass stand out too much.
    I listen to mostly 80s and 90s hip hop (NWA, Ice-T, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang, Tupac, Biggie, Eminem) and they are the best in ear headphones I've ever used with these (yes, I've tried the thinksound rains and sennheisers and etc.) and they do sound the best. 
    If you listen to purely rock though, you probably wouldn't like these.
    As I've said before, I'm not an audiophile so I'm not gonna embarass myself by trying to go into too much detail about highs, lows, etc. All I can say is that the highs definitly stand out more than the lows, but not a lot. 
    Biggest problem:
    The biggest problem I have with these headphones is the weight of the cable. Between the control talk feature (which is on the left cable about 5 inches below the bud), and the solid aluminum piece where the two cables meet to form one. makes it heavy. I am interested in trying to run with these. While I personally use my ipod shuffle and cheap apple buds to run, I willl probably try these out once just to see if they will stay in my ear with all the movement.
    They cost $150. The thing that most audiophiles say about the beats lines are that they are overpriced. They are overpriced, I am aware. But I like the looks of them, so I find it ok to pay 150 for them. If you listen solely to the sound quality, I'd say they are about 100 dollar ear buds. I've never listened to 300 dollar earbuds, so I honestly don't know the difference, and don't know if I could tell the difference. But they certainly look sexy, and sound great in my opinion. 
    What I use them for:
    I use them mainly for taking the train and subway into NYC everyday. They do a great job of blocking out sound, and of course leak out very minimal sound. 
    Overall they are a great headphone. While they are pricey, monster/diddy puts it best on the back of the box calling it a "fashion accessory." They are a fashion accessory. They sound a lot better than I thought they would, and I am actually quite impressed by them. So between the great sound and even better looks, I will definitly be keeping them.
  4. xmarks08
    I just wrote a wicked long review with pictures about the diddy beats. But since I'm new, the post is being held for moderation. Hopefully it goes through soon guys. The pictures are saved in an album in my profile if you wanna look at them. 
  5. TheGame21x
    There's Diddy Beats now too? Geez...
    Nice review though. [​IMG]
  6. Totally Dubbed
    Nice review :)
    Although looks wise (thus price wise), I wouldn't really agree :/
    I am no pro either :D
  7. JeFFz
    Damn, that case look sick, but yea i had those type of case in my MTPC and they are pretty useless... Never liked the flat cable though, they look like tape worms.
  8. 2rooi123
    nice review.. they are one of the sexiest in ears ive ever seen..
  9. stonyboys
  10. Audiopotamus
    I bought the Diddy Beats because i had heard good things about them and about two weeks later I returned then because there was not a huge sound improvement over the skullcandy Holua. The skullcandy buds are not built as well but they have a great warrenty are are sub 100 buds.
  11. jaakked
    I'm sorry but "the looks"??
    They look like something my doctor wears.
  12. Murmaider

    Completely read my mind!
    this was my face when i read the title...  ಠ_ಠ

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